Analysis of data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover has shown that a cataclysmic event would have resulted in the end of life on the surface of Mars.


Photo: NASA

Photo: NASA


By John Black
Ancient Origins
July 20, 2013


The event could be related to volcanos or a massive collision of some sort that would have completely destroyed the atmosphere. To make it clear, there is evidence that on Mars billions of years ago, there was an atmosphere rich in oxygen and recently the Mars Curiosity team also found proof of water (which may still exist underground). The measurements of different gases in the Martian atmosphere and a comparison to Earth’s, showed that the event must have happened about 4 billion years ago.


You would think that such a suggestion is new, well think again. In October 28th of 1909, more than 100 years ago, an article in New York Times had the title ‘Life on Mars ended by a cataclysm’. British scientists published an article in the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, suggesting that a major cataclysm destroyed life on Mars. In 1892 Mars was close to Earth and astronomical observations revealed a gloomy, yellow veil and immense tracts on the Martian surface. Scientists then suggested that “if the markings have disappeared and the yellow veil has covered immense tracts on the surface there must have been some catastrophe on a gigantic scale, a cataclysm with violent earthquakes”. It was that period of time when Lowell suggested a theory that Mars was inhabited by a race of living beings.


Well it is now clear that the observations of 100 years ago are in line with the discovery made by the Curiosity Rover on Mars – taking out the estimated time period in which the cataclysm happened which would have been impossible back in 1892 without a clear view  from the surface of Mars. I do not know who deserves the congratulations the scientists 100 years ago with no high-tech devices for researching or the scientists today with all the top technology and actual samples from Mars?


What if extraterrestrial life did exist on Mars when there was atmosphere and let’s suppose that they were at least as advanced as our civilization. What would they have done when they discovered that a cataclysm is coming? Well, probably what we do on Earth, build underground cities for the few to survive or if they were more advanced to transfer their cities into a different dimension where they would remain unaffected. Sound like science fiction? Perhaps it is, but the idea is still an intriguing one.