More information on Stonehenge from Matteo Ianneo….so interesting!
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The researcher Matthew Jannaeus is amazing and gives us a full report of its study on the archaeological site of Stonehenge. Now his findings from Mars have moved on the earth, if its assumptions were true here as a result of findings of experts on Mars probably his comments were not without foundation.

These findings have long been in the drawer of Jannaeus, who at the launch of his first book, Messages from Mars, wants to give a jolt to archaeological research also on the planet we inhabit, finding details that no researcher had ever identified.

The material already shown me in 2011 is published only now, with permission of the author of the research that has decided to disclose it. According Jannaeus, these rocks belong to an ancient civilization but very evolved, probably men, or similar in size much larger than ours, so as to enable him to carry the huge boulders probably ancient Egypt, in the photos is the profile of a feline deity of the Egyptian people, carrying the boulders on huge rafts are then arrived at the place where now stands the archaeological site of Stonehenge at the bottom of the complete photo gallery of research Jannaeus.