Here is the first recording of Cobra LIVE!

This is a very interesting recording, clarifying why the poll was put out on the net through Drake, the Venus Transit, the Cabal, etc.  There is a certain faction that is REALLY READY to surrender!  Surrender conditions were discussed as well, where they have about 10 days to accept conditions.  Concerns are on the reaction of the general public, their massive mind controlled state, etc.  A GREAT listen!

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Nuclear weaponry, positive military, pleiadian support, level of danger, mainstream media, Archons, the new financial system, Greece being the pivotal point causing a potential chain reaction forcing all forces to make a decision, and more.

The Venus transit has had an enormous impact on progress.  The cabal would not have surrendered without the Venus Transit.  Have had a great success in removing the Dark and the Archons.

The word Archons means Rulers, and they rule the earth.  Few of them left.  Run through another dimensional plane/astral plane.  Influence the way people think and feel.

Jesuits – military religious group, top group of Catholic church in Italy.  Rothschilds are their slaves and obey their command. Have vast knowledge from inquisition techniques.

He was teleported to a 30′ Pleiadian ship in diameter when younger, being told that a potential nuclear war was feared.

The Cabal must be removed first before the Galactics arrive on planet Earth.  Pleiadians will be the first to appear to certain individuals.  Physical evidence will be presented through the mass media.  Then there will be mass fly overs.  Probable involvement will include the United Nations.  The Galactic Federation will come later.

Teleportation technology will be available such as replicators and healing chambers by command.

He defines ascensions as a liberation of consciousness from 3rd dimensional emotional and mental states.  Ascension can NOT occur without the Cabal being removed.

Suggesting that the Cabal will be completely removed by 12.21.12.  This will change life like no one can contemplate.

“This big break through is about to happen!”