Now listen folks, I am ONLY posting this after my interview with Cobra suggested that we do some research on the internet oregarding Dalai Lama.  In this day and age, let us now consider how difficult it is to be a MAJOR esteemed figure in society without the threat of being “influenced” or mind controlled (unwillingly or unknowingly possibly) by negative factions who use the threatening of life of loved ones, as well as immense offerings of riches and fame. I am just presenting another point of view. -A.M. 

Varios videos on this topic: we are exposing the Dalai Lama

dalai-lama-We love the Dalai Lama.

We love the teachings he gives on love and compassion and the speeches he makes on tolerance and religious freedom.

So why are we exposing dark secrets about the Dalai Lama – things he would rather stayed hidden?

We have heard of, seen, and experienced actions by the Dalai Lama that fall short – sometimes a long way short – of the ideals he preaches.

Everyone knows that power corrupts. The Dalai Lama has reached a status where his actions aren’t scrutinised and there is no-one he is accountable to. The world listens to his words and decides what sort of a man he is on that basis, without examining his deeds.

In this absence of accountability, it seems to us that the Dalai Lama has lost his way. It seems he no longer feels bound to behave by the lessons he preaches.

Our direct experience of this has been the Dalai Lama’s persecution of those who pray to Dorje Shugden which we have documented in detail on this site. Others have had similar experiences and we document some of them here also.

Some say we should not draw attention to these issues and that doing so only serves the Chinese regime. Many people so long for the Dalai Lama to actually be the holy being he is presented as, that they refuse to examine his actions – and indeed take great offense when others choose to do so.

We tried for a long time to have dialog with the Dalai Lama before coming to this point. He has never accepted our requests for discussion or responded to our letters and appeals.

Our intention is not to vilify the Dalai Lama with what we publish. Our intention is to help the Dalai Lama. We hope that, by publishing the information that we do, the Dalai Lama will question his own behaviour and change.

An obvious starting point, from our point of view, is to repeal the ban on Dorje Shugden practice and to try to heal the terrible rift that has opened up within the Tibetan communities and within the Buddhist world.

Many others feel the way we do, we share some of their requests to the Dalai Lama below.