by ÉirePort

Input from Higher Source 5D-7D Light raises Gaia Light Quotient to 0.98. Inner Gaia expansion at 90%.

ÉirePort | October 5, 2012
by ÉirePort

Transformational vortexes set up in 3D-4D externals. Many sense this as increased chaos appearance. Those who judge by appearances are deceived by their own view. Involvement in transformational vortexes is discouraged.

Viewing all externals from Higher Senses, in 5D-7D, is encouraged. Gaia awaits emplacement of final pieces for the 10-10-12 transmutational window [Eireport note: window of 10-9 through 10-11].

Hue-manity Ground Crew, await further instructions. That is all.


ÉirePort | October 5, 2012 at 00:28