by kauilapele

The show is now over, and you may listen by going to the Extraordinary Year page, or via the MP3s below. You may read more about the show there, or go to this earlier post which has details about the show.

The show covered a variety of topics, the new type of journalist, namely, those who are putting out news you won’t see elsewhere, and what is happening energetically on the planet as more and more start blogging and sharing the messages of awakening and Light. I thought the panel was quite a good one to discuss this.

Now, one point… I am responsible for a bit of coffee drinking near my microphone (which I rarely use, so I don’t know what I’m doing with it), as well as a nose sniffle or two. But only at the beginning. Thanks to Steve Beckow and Stephen Cook (not on the show, but he Skype chatted me to “mute your mic when you are not talking”, and “we could only hear your coffee addiction” (which I claim is a coffee “appreciation”)). However, as Java on the Rock was mentioned, and since many of the posts here do come from that location, it’s quite clear that my Higher Self wanted to be sure to communicate that connection, albeit in a “slurpy” kind of way!

And pardon a bit of an echo that appeared in the latter half of the show. This was when all of us collectively entered a Portal of Higher Communication, which is a powerful “resonance” chamber.

MP3s were volume leveled a bit and boosted. The mp3s below are already configured for upload to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player.

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