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Video: Exxon pipeline breaks spilling 84,000 gallons of Canadian crude oil into Arkansas neighborhood
March 30, 2013
By Anomaly
84,000 gallons of oil leaked into the Central Arkansas town of Mayflower in Friday, spilling into neighborhoods. Treehugger reports, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor was one of one the seventeen Democrats that joined all the Republican Senators in voting for symbolic approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Pryor has claimed the pipeline will help create jobs in Arkansas, where some of the pipe is manufactured, however as Bloomberg reported recently, the project will only create 20 full time jobs, not the thousands that Pryor, TransCanada and other supporters like to talk about.”

40 homes had to be evacuated due to health hazards from crude oil fumes and to avoid stray sparks from igniting the standing oil. Emergency management is on the scene evaluating the situation, but this should be a heads up for our politicians. Of course, it won’t be. Meanwhile, Republicans are all about fewer regulations. Drill baby drill..

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