Posted by anastasios on May 31, 2013 at 11:21am
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No FearIn the era we live there is a prison world for billions of the planet. A prison that has no walls, barbed wire, guards and physical barriers. But they are the most effective prison around the world. Few are those escaping from it but those who do, discover true and lasting freedom.
This watch is in our minds. It is a prison that holds us of initiatives, prevents the talent to evolve and the ability of expression and restricts the emergence of all our potential as human beings.
This prison is fear. Our lives are controlled by fear more than we realize. Fear controls the choices we make, our habits, and our fate. It has become one of the greatest threats to humanity in the present times through many expressions. Terrorism has become the main fear everywhere. Many events of terrorist events, wars, crimes shows us how fery large in our everyday life fills us with anxiety and phobias. For people with such illnesses prison of fear is like a death sentence. Their lives are completely controlled by fear, and make life unpleasant and everyday life a torment. Fortunately this is not the most common fear. The ugliest fear is that we all have accepted this because it is the most common.
Is this habit we all have to see the negative things in life and not the positives. Most people have the habit of talking about destruction and failure. Often our thoughts are negative and 90% expressed negative situations while only 10% are positive and more positive things.
There were some of you with great business ideas. What keeps you from implementing them is fear. Many people think the stats and how many businesses fail every year or what others will think if you fail or if you quit your job. The fear that you can not pay your bills, fear that you will be unemployed, will be dismissed, or that you will be without a job keeps you back. Fear holds many people back from doing things that are not pleasant and sometimes did not offer enough money. Fear not miss a job that you have even if you delate salary, and can not survive it because everyone else around you have no job.
The fear to take risks prevents most people to move in his life. The risk can cause damage to a future event but you get now. If recommended someone to marry you, is the risk to tell you no, if you like a woman and not be afraid to tell her it is because you are afraid to take the risk because you fear the possible regect..Even, and when we love someone, afraid to say lest us be weak in his eyes.
However, if you want to live a full life should take the risks of failure. We begin to live only when we stop being afraid and there you can get every risk in life.
Fear will paralyze you if you do not encounter. Will stop you from getting live your life as you wish. Recognize him and conquer the otherwise will stop you to live a life a life you desire. Take courage, strength and confidence every time you look at your fears straight in the eyes and face. Should cause your fears and do things that you think you can not do.
Everyone has fears from the past that prevented him carry things. Remember how you felt through it but the result was to further your life. Prevented you from something that even today you see that if you did maybe things were different? Finally after some time you realize that ultimately it was not so much challenge? Fighting fears is like fighting the darkness. The way to overcome our fears is to subdue. Respond to your fears and continue to react. It is the best way to discover how to conquer their fears of you.
Start your business you want, study what you really want without consider what could be done, do you want to do. Maybe not fail but perhaps succeed. If you do not ever definitely will lose forever the chance of success. There is no past or future. Only the present exists now is the time to take the next step in any fear otherwise you will live a life that even if it is in calm waters when it reaches to the end to leave you with an unfulfilled feeling. The feeling that you did not do that could do not provoke your fears and you have not taken the risks that you could get to is your life different today. Will stay forever with the question of whether.
Remember the safe and feel through your fears a common fate awaits us all of us. Death. Or not taking risks in life will come this time for you. You will die like everyone. So what benefit is to live a life under fear and that is because of this to live below your potential. Use your life wisely. Free your mind from fear and worry and accept challenges.
The purpose of man is to evolve and tasted life to the fullest with all the challenges and all should be afraid of is that they will follow this divine law and you will lose a life that leaves quickly. Instead of being afraid of love and have faith in this divine path of your human nature. Believe in yourself and in God and your fears will disappear forever…Blessings.