tractor beam
Image of tractor beam technology being used in space

Scientists claim to have developed a “tractor beam”, capable of drawing physical objects towards its pull. Besides the usual, and prerequisite military applications, scientists foresee the technology may have medical applications by targeting and attracting individual cells, thus ridding the body of illness or disease, claim researchers at the University of St Andrews and published in Nature Photonics.

At this time, researchers state that the technology has only been able to move microscopic particles, which usually means that in reality, large tractor trailers have already been shuffled about like pieces on a chess board.

“The practical applications could be very great, very exciting. The tractor beam is very selective in the properties of the particles it acts on, so you could pick up specific particles in a mixture.”said the study’s lead researcher Dr Tomas Cizmar, research fellow in the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews.

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