By LynMarie8 – Posted on 12 December 2012

Law of One Released from Karma and Activated and of in Presents for New World.


SaRa Key used to amplify to Cleans Humanities DNA/RNA as well as Activates Parasympathetic Nervous system and light bodies. Included Gaia, God Creations.


Raised vibration to the highest possible vibration that each being, gods creations, Gaia could be raised to at this time.


All Blue Ray Beings were Activated, Key Codes awaken,  and Called to there divine Purpose.


Acturian Key Codes were used to awaken, activated to beings completed 12-12-12.

this activations will assists in moving beings on to there path, purpose.


The GateKeepers, Lightsavers and code Catchers were fully Awaken and fully Activated.


Activation and Call fourth of Soul Families to come together at this time for planetary work coming New Earth set in Motion.


Activations and Call fourth of the Re-establish Truth-Love, Union of Twin-Rays, On Earth set in motion. This will be a Rebooting of the human patterns Creating Heaven on Earth.


 New Graduates of Angelic Human beings will be call fourth to be Teachers, Examples 100% of the Light, 100% of the Light, 100% with the Light for Humanity and for our Galactic Family’s who will be crossing the Rainbow bridge. Source Has set this in Motion.


Finial Egyptian, Myain Pyramids have been fully Activated Awakened Set into motion New Earth.


The Masters of the Universe and the Cosmic Mind, Mind of Universe, Mind of Creation, have been set in motion forth Universal form of pulsar waves, cosmic light particles, Magnetic wave forms, photonic waves, and sound frequencies to be received and witnessed and brought into an energy form that is usable for transformation of the planet into higher consciousness. The Masters of the Universe integrated these Gifts for the Birth of the New World of Peace. Archangel Michael and St. Germain are assisting in transmuting the discordant frequency in this process.


The Sacred Fires were invoked for the following:


Invincibility of Humanity, Gaia, All of God Creations,


Divine Light for the Consciousness, Planetary, Crystalline Grid, Every Star,Planet,celestial Body heavenly plane and Galactic core to Bless all life with the forcefield of God’s living Fire.


Platinum Cosmic Light for Divine Union – compassion, Illumination, Resurrection, I Am Union.


Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power with in the Heart – to dissolving and consuming of all humanly mis qualified creations, discord, and hatred from with in and around the entire Humanity, All gods Creations, Gaia including out 17 dimensions.


Violet Rays of Forgiveness and Mercy over Gaia, all Gods Creations, all humanity.


Violet Flames to dissolve, consume all of humanities 4 bodies in and around our homes, cites, counties and our world.


Violet Flames of Rays were sent into the crust of the earth, into all tectonic plates, ocean floors, river bed fissures and holes and wounds of Gaia.


Blue light Fire Activated for Faith and Protection – to un-trench all remaining untruths and illusions through out unified field so only absolute truth of God inherent in all creations will be revealed now to all of humanity.


Golden Flame Activated to to Bring forth the most powerful divine wisdom in action, blessing all life with golden flames of inner peace in every breath we take will fill us, nourish us, restore us, and reveal within us the truth of our immortal being. Liberating, free us. Creating Illumination and Wisdom and alignment of Will of God.  For all of humanity, Gaia, Gods Creations.


Emerald Flames Creating Harmony, truth, and healing for all of humanity, Gaia, Gods Creations.


Rose Pink flames of Divine Love – Pouring Divine Love, compassion, healing upon the Earth, all of Humanity, All of God Creations, filling every cell of all.


White Flames of Purity and Ascension – burning remaining energies and blockages that were left in the collective God Realization – clearing our multi- body systems so our inner codes could be unlocked for the greater good of all.


Activations of Solar light bodes, healing, transforming, restoration, to bring forth our divine Blueprint. Inter gradation.  All may receive.


Golden Flame – Clearing, releasing blockages, lack of, limiting abundance. Open 12 spickets of abundance 100% for all of humanity to receive.


The will of God:

Asking You to Be of: White Light, Love, Goodness, Peace, Purity, Balance, Health, Abundance, Kindness, Unity, Happiness, harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness.