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Fire and police brawl in Brussels
fire and police brawl in Brussels firefighters and police on the fist in Brussels

extra extra newspaper13/12 Domestic hard against hard. So it went Friday morning to it during a runaway rally of some thousand firemen in Brussels . The charred hot firemen clashed with police , while the major resources were not shunned. The heated tempers quiets quickly .

The firefighters are campaigning against the planned savings from the federal government . The ministers came together Friday to discuss include the reform of the Statute of the fire , according to the unions that still contains numerous bottlenecks . Thus, the content of the training and evaluation still unclear and they wonder whether there will be room for adequate transitional measures and the correct interpretation of the leave problematic . They also fear losing some benefits, such as a number of holidays .

The firefighters went in procession to the Rue de la Loi , where the police had raised . Barricades Initially, the fire would protest peacefully and symbolically their helmets lay on the barricades . However, the protest was completely out of hand and it came to fighting between the police and the fire brigade . The police turned water cannon and tear gas and wielded batons , firefighters responded with fireworks and spray foam . Definitely a cop was injured (photo above ) .

Eventually, the fire got to the door of the Westraat 16 . The heated tempers quiets quickly and activists then limited to occupying the street in anticipation of the meeting between a delegation fire and Interior Minister Joƫlle Milquet ( CDH) . Whether that meeting has yielded something , is not yet known .

The action was also great traffic in Brussels .

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