This is a must see/hear! Another victory for alternative medicine in November 2012!

GreatNewsDr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a Polish immigrant,
was trained as both a biochemist and a
physician. He’s spent the last 35 years
developing and successfully treating cancer
patients suffering with some of the most
lethal forms of cancer at his clinic in Houston,
Texas. The treatment he developed involves
a gene-targeted approach using non-toxic
peptides and amino acids, known as

After a grueling 15-year long battle, the

Texas Medical Board has officially ended its

crusade to revoke Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s

medical license in an effort to end his use of

Antineoplastons. The Texas Medical Board’s

case against him was dismissed on November

19, 2012, just in time for Thanksgiving.


After it was revealed that the FDA had

pressured the Texas medical board to revoke

Dr. Burzynski’s medical license – despite the

fact that no laws were broken, and his treatment

was proven safe and effective – the obvious

question was “why?”


The answer to this has to do with money. Lots

and lots of money… See, Dr. Burzynski owns  

the patent for this treatment, and should it  

actually gain FDA approval, not only would it  

threaten conventional chemotherapy and radiation,  

it would also result in billions of dollars of cancer  

research funds being funneled over to the one  

single scientist who has exclusive patent rights  

– Dr. Burzynski.


Dr. Burzynski received much-needed publicity

two years ago with the release of ‘ Burzynski:  

The Movie’, which will run on FKTV at 4:45PM

Pacific tonight. This documentary is about his

remarkable cancer discovery, and how he won

the largest and possibly the most convoluted

and intriguing legal battle against the Food and

Drug Administration (FDA) in American history.

Soon afterward, the Texas Medical Board sued 

him again – without success. 

This year, a second film detailing his continued

struggles, and victories, is scheduled to be

released. As announced in the trailer (see below),

Dr. Burzynski is now doing the unthinkable…

He is “the first and only scientist in United States

history to enter the federal drug approval process

for a proprietary cancer therapy without any

financial support from the American government,

the pharmaceutical industry, or the cancer