Well this is another interesting piece of the story (again I thank Cheryl for all of these crumbs pieced together) – Does Russia really blame the US or isn’t Russia already in communication with The Galactics and knew this would occur – another reason for him showing such a confident show of his muscles?-A.M.

Saturday, 01 March 2014 23:39


March 1, 2014  11:43 PM EST — (TRN) — A significant earthquake has struck the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine within the last hour and Russian military sources are claiming it was a deliberate attack by the United States using it’s HAARP Array in Alaska, in retaliation for Russia placing troops into the Ukraine.


EarthquakesUPDATE: The earthquake is confirmed by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center HERE


According to sources on the scene, Russian military surveillance detected INTENSE bursts of electromagnetic long-waves prior to the earthquake.  They say the bursts were specifically timed and repetitive in nature, which caused a resonance in the ground, triggering the earthquake.


They claim this was a deliberate attack by the United States and are using frightening language to describe it.  One spokesman said bluntly “The earthquake in Crimea was caused by the use of a weapon of mass destruction by the United States against the Russian Army.”

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