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January 15, 2012 the NZ Govt is firing off press releases like crazy about the Food Bill, saying it’s all OK. Below is a post from a confirmed establishment insider who says it is NOT OK. We know who he is, and he checks out.

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goldenagebeyond on 2012/01/14 at 3:26 am, commenting on Food, illegal? Not in my back yard.

I have just spent 3 hours reviewing (or attempting to review) NZ Government Food Bill 160-2 as well as a good selection of the comments made by the select committee.

Just to add some perspective, I have a PhD in population ecology (U of California at Santa Barbara), I have spent most of my working life as an Environmental Analyst including 15 years as a Programme Specialist and finally as a Director with UNESCO.

In all my years working with the highest International policy levels dealing with environmental management relating to Human System I have never encountered any regulatory document anywhere that even vaguely approaches the detail present in this document. The time taken to draft this cunningly contrived control mechanism would run into hundreds of thousands of person-hours. The cost of drafting anything like this complex control mechanism would be VAST, probably running into the millions of dollars. The scope of the document is absolutely incredible. It allows for the state to absolutely deploy its full capacity to control even the minutest levels of food and food-related components. If desired, this could even include a food-plan to cover what one might feed a dinner guest along with the associated proscriptions and punishments that might be involved in case of deviations therefrom. I say “allows” because everything and almost any related thing can be “allowed” by the Minister (or not), in addition to the thousands of specific conditions cited.

This is a comprehensive control-mechanism pure and simple. Its political purpose is clear: the source of funding to support drafting the template for this item are quite clear and many people have already alluded to this in the comment-stream above. What kinds of free-trade agreements do you think will develop with this sort of thing as the back-stop? True, it allows for rules and procedures to be formulated to help ensure that the food one buys is “safe” but that is not the primary intent of Bill 160-2 at all. Nothing other than the full and explicit control of society is intended through so called “food management”. Food (energy) is the fundamental ecological choke-point that governs all living systems….. Think about it folks.

NZ Food Security: for “source of funding etc” as above see Codex Alimentarius on youtube etc and at Also research the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.