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Yoga meditation silhouette poseWelcome sweet ones, in this guided visualization of Forgiveness and Divine Love you will bring a focus to the forgiveness of yourself, the forgiveness of others as well as asking for forgiveness from those that you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt or betrayed.  So just get yourself comfortably relaxed now in your sacred space, breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out.  Finding this balance through your breath, centering yourself, as you ground into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, and feeling her Love as she sends you her Love back up your grounding chord into your body and energy field.  And having a sense now too, of this Unity Grid of Divine Love, of this matrix of Unity Consciousness, this wave of Light that exists within you and around you, connecting you to all Life in One Unity Consciousness.  Have a sense of expanding your energy field, connecting now through this Unity Grid of Divine Love; experiencing and feeling this Divine Love through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, the Overlighting of Mother/Father God.  Connecting now into this grid to your Soul and star family and friends of the Light, to the lightworkers and starseeded ones and all the Beings of Light from On High.  And now as you call in your Master Guides and Guardian Angel, you are going to journey through the grids of Divine Love, into a Temple of Divine Love.  You have a sense now of being lifted in Soul consciousness into this beautiful Temple of Divine Love as you come deeper within your hearts, opening yourselves to simply receiving the Love of all Creation, the Love of all these Guides and Beings of Light from On High.  And as you enter now into this beautiful Temple of Divine Love, you feel this Love; you feel this Love from all these Beings of Light around you, your Soul and star family and friends of the Light welcoming you to this co-creation of Heaven on Earth, welcoming you along this Pathway of Transcendence to Divine Love, to compassion and to choosing to forgive.  You are led into a central octahedranol shaped Temple of Light and you see before you now the most incredible Being of Light; this is your Beloved I Am Presence, your Beloved Higher Light.  You merge now with your Beloved Higher Light, your Beloved I Am Presence, and you have sense of the radiance and magnificence of yourselves, sweet ones. As the subatomic particles in your body spin in increased Light frequencies, as you anchor this Light, you feel yourself becoming more settled in the Light of Creation and the knowing of yourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


Around you now, see a circle of the Archangels. Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Zadkiel, Jophiel and Chamuel.  This is a circle of forgiveness and Archangel Michael comes forward now presenting you with the Sword of Holy Truth and a Crystalline Shield of Light. You take this Sword of Holy Truth, holding it in the one hand, and this Crystalline Shield of Light in the other hand. You feel yourself blending with this Shield of Light and Sword of Holy Truth, stepping deeper into your own power, to the Love of Creation, to the wisdom of the Higher Mind.  Archangel Michael surrounds you now in this beautiful Blue Flame of Light. Archangel Raphael steps forward now to surround you in his beautiful Green Healing Flame of Light.  Within this sacred space now, you are asked to forgive yourself; you are asked to forgive yourself of all the hurt and betrayals and abuse that you have subjected yourself to. Of the negative ego aspects that have come up and made you feel lesser than what you are as these precious magnificent Beings of Light.  Of the times that you have abused the physical body or experienced addiction. You recognize your body as a Temple  of Light and you Love your physical body, and feel the Soul consciousness of yourself expanding, embraced in a new Light, as you focus now primarily on the Soul  wound of betrayal. For you have betrayed yourself and others and you choose no longer to betray your Soul, your authentic Self. You choose to align your will into the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. You choose to be here as a physical vessel of Light, leading all Life through the gateways of the Kingdom of God, in Heaven and on Earth.  You Love yourself unconditionally; you appreciate and honor yourself. The greatest gift you give yourself in your communication and surrender to God is loving yourself fully. For it is in this Love that you are able to give your Love unconditionally to others. And you feel now your Soul consciousness aspects amplified in Divine Love. Amplified in this core circle of your Soul and star family and friends of the Light, of the Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge, and now the Archangels and their Divine Feminine counterparts. These Legions of Light surround you now, walking in front of you and next to you, and behind you. You are Divinely guided on this journey of Light Overlighted by your Beloved I Am Presence and your Guardian Angel, your Highest Self of the Light.  And now within this sacred space, in this Temple of Divine Love, you call upon those Souls that you need to forgive. At the Soul level there is only Love and you recognize this Soul as Love as you recognize yourself as Love. You recognize you have each chosen particular journeys and pathways and by the embrace of your Soul wounds, you step into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, into the full experience of your Self and the healing of your Soul wounds. This Soul before you has chosen this dance too and in this instance has hurt and betrayed you, possibly, to be authentic to their own Self, or possibly out of spite, anger, hatred or revenge.  Open your heart to this Soul, sweet one. Have a look at the old energy chords that extend between you, that say I do not Love you, I do not see you, I do not hear you, I do not appreciate you, I do not honor you.  And with this Sword of Holy Truth now you cut these old energy chords.  You replace them with new energy chords that say I see you, and I Love you, and I appreciate you. Doing this at a Soul level will indeed over time change your relationship on the physical.  Forgive as much as you can now, sweet one, as you let this Soul know “I Love you and I forgive you as much as I can in this Now.  I understand the karmic lessons and pre-birth agreements.  I understand this dance, this energetic dance, this negative energy that we have played out together, for it has taken me deeper into my Soul; it has taken me deeper into loving myself and appreciating myself. And I see you as a master teacher; for you have pressed all the buttons for me that brought up my anger, my rage, my resentments, and my disappointments.  And I take responsibility for my own feelings and I choose no longer to play this dance of the victim and persecutor with you.  The healing of my sovereign Soul starts now and the embrace of my wounds through the embrace of all my emotions is what I choose to experience in this Now moment”.


Let each one of these Souls come before you, sweet ones, that in this now you need to forgive. And you need to forgive too, perhaps not necessarily because you believe this Soul deserves your forgiveness but so that you may find peace within your Life. For it is in peace and harmony that you find balance, that you let go of the stress, that you find compassion, that you find forgiveness.  You let each one of these Souls know as you cut these old energy chords and replace them with new ones, “I Love you and I forgive you as I Love and forgive myself.  I Love you and I forgive you as I Love and forgive myself”.  You now see this old Soul contract that states: “If it is for my highest good I choose to learn my lessons in pain and shame, in heartache and betrayal and loss”. As you sign this contract, you now take a big red rubber stamp with the word “canceled”, and you cancel this contract now and you burn it in the beautiful Violet Flame of Archangel Zadkiel. You transmute these old energies, thought forms and false beliefs. You understand the pathway forward is the pathway of Divine Love and you choose this as your reality. For there are no victims in the One Reality of All That Is.


Lastly now, you bring into this sacred Temple of Divine Love those Souls with whom you need to ask for forgiveness. Those Souls that you have hurt and betrayed, perhaps to remain true to yourself; to your hearts dreaming, to your authentic Self.  You are embraced now in the beautiful Pink Flames of Archangel Chamuel and as you open your heart deeper to giving in this Temple of Divine Love you ask these Souls for their forgiveness. You let them know, “I am sorry that I hurt you. I am sorry that I betrayed you, I Love you and I see you. Please forgive me as I forgive myself”.  And for a moment now just experience the pain that you have caused others. You are humbled in this acknowledgment; you are humbled in these feelings. You recognize that you needed to defend yourself. And now you open your heart to receiving and to giving your Love.  Feel the Love of these Souls as they forgive you too. And as you cut these old energy chords replace them with new ones that say, “I see you and I Love you and I forgive myself and ask for your forgiveness”.


Lastly sweet ones, you come within your heart center and embrace the victim and persecutor consciousness aspects of yourself. You let these aspects of yourself know, “I Love you, there is nothing to fear. You no longer need to hide. Come in to my heart, we are one. I will sooth your pain. I will Love you. I will appreciate you. I will acknowledge you. I will allow you to be heard.  Whatever you need to express emotionally, I will be here in Divine Love and support you.  It is time now to release the pain, to release the anger, the shame, the loss, the betrayal”.  And as you gather these aspects of yourself within your heart, all the sub-personality aspects of yourself that need your healing and your Love are now embraced within your heart, within your Divine Love, within the Divine Love of All Creation and through the Light and Love of these Beings of Light in this Temple of Divine Love.


You thank all these Beings of Light now as you come back now into your sacred space, honoring yourself truly as this sacred Master Being and transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.  You understand your Beloved I am Presence is center stage; you have perfected the victim and persecutor consciousness and now choose to surrender to God.  We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.


Transcribed by Zulma


Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network