(Christian Science Monitor)

By Joao Peixe, Guest blogger / July 8, 2013

fracking-oil-vl-vertical2Cantabria has banned hydraulic fracking within its borders, even though the region has plenty of unconventional potential. Repsol has became the first casualty of this ban, as it stopped its plans of drilling in the region. The company is unlikely to be the last, as many other European countries weigh the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing.

Repsol SA has had to delay plans to begin drilling for shale gas in the north of Spain after a local government banned all hydraulic fracturing operations.

Spain’s richest shale gas reserves have been determined to exist in the northern region of Cantabria, but back in April the local Cantabrian government  implemented the country’s first fracking ban, worried that such activities may pollute the local sources of drinking water. (Related article: Duke University Study Links Fracking to Ground Water Contamination)