The KEY, the very SEED of AWAKENING that eventually blossoms into REMEMBERING why we have come here, to this heavy chemical climate, blinded by the Law of Confusion, Master Cycle near it’s end; is a mathematical equation – the binary triplet configuration – that an ancient spark provides, to a confused and weary traveler, through this illusion of the mind. crystl37

The binary triplet configuration is a whole number code and visual construct. From this configuration as it manifests in the 260-unit matrix of the Sacred Calendar, one-eighth of the psi bank warp, all other structures and process are derived. In this regard the binary triplet configuration is the primary resonant structure common to all processes and systems. It is the visible form of the cosmic code.

It’s bilateral symmetry defines it as binary or twofold.

…it also represents the basic dynamic or mechanism of the double helix, of the genetic code. i.e./ two strands of DNA crossing and winding around each other. As the basic code of life containing the information governing both the replication and auto-regulation of all living organisms, all DNA is based on the binary triplet configuration. The basic structure of DNA is as follows: of the two strands, one contains the template of the other….Further, each strand processes information in a direction opposite of the other.

Translating this process into terms of the biopsychic situation of human life and consciousness, one information flow moves from the future to the present, the other from the past to the future. The former is the flow or current of vision, intuition, dream. The other represents information as it is manifest and codified into symbols, written forms, material structures, books, libraries, and so forth…

Jose Arguelles”

Sacred geometry is the expression of geometry related to the evolution of consciousness, mind, body, and spirit in geometric terms. True sacred geometry is not just static angular forms. It is organic and living-it is in constant evolution (transcendence) or devolution (materialization), ascending or descending from one form to another.


It is argued that diverse complex adaptive systems, such as proteins, cells, organisms, organizations, societies and ecosystems, all together constitute one developing, multiscale continuum-economy composed of interacting and interdependent adaptive organizational forms that co-exist and co-evolve at different spatiotemporal scales, forming a nested set of interdependent organizational hierarchies. When reconceptualized in equivalent terms of self-organizing adaptive networks of energy/matter/information exchanges, complex systems of different scales appear to exhibit universal scale-invariant patterns in their organization and dynamics, suggesting the self-similarity of spatiotemporal scales and fractal organization of the living matter continuum.

Alexei Kurakin, Novato Lectures

12 Around 1
Creation begins as a source of sound, light and color

emanating from a pulsating orb of consciousness. 12 spiraling cones (horns, tones, harmonics) burst forth forming a circle around the source consciousness, connecting with it and each other to create endless grid programs of experience following a geometric blueprint we call sacred geometry. Soul sparks of light spiral from the central source, randomly moving into the grids to consciously experience.

The “12 around 1 pattern” (12 = 1+2=3) or third dimension references physical reality as nothing more than a biogenetic experiment based on linear time to experience emotions.

We mark time in cycles and loops following this pattern — clock, calendar, zodiac wheel, alchemy wheel, etc.