One of our beloved members who has been with this site since the beginning has written a magnificent book that he is providing at no charge through Amazon Kindle.

FREE Kindle Version of Zendor – Door to What IS… A testimony of Jesus Christ, consciousness and other worlds. Written from multiple perspectives, this book provides the reader with experiential questions that lead to profound changes in awareness, consciousness and the ability to garner understanding of other worlds – including those inhabited by extraterrestrials.



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Zendor – Door to What IS…

An orphan and adoptee’s quest for identity, bridging science and spirituality. A modern day testimony of Jesus Christ, consciousness and other worlds, by Bruce Benefiel

Gilbert, Arizona – Zendor – Door to What IS, just released book a new millennial myth wrapped in a true story about an orphan’s discovery of his origins and the trials and tribulations of garnering wisdom in a world that seems so foreign. His relationship with Jesus is alive and profound in today’s world. As the young Zendor (unaware of who he is) comes of age his cosmic mentor asks the question, “Are you willing to die for what you believe in?” His life changes dramatically as a result of the answer…. YES!

“It’s tough for most people to relate to the depths of curiosity and discovery of one who knows no terrestrial heritage and apparently is open to worlds beyond the scope of even good script writers,” Benefiel related at a recent book signing.

In this first book, Benefiel explores the complexity of the emotions and thoughts of growing up with no roots. His experiences push the limits of believers, yet offer a certain present-day Christian experience rarely heard or seen. There is a Living Word within each of us and Zendor reveals the Door to What IS.

“Bruce’s writing is down-to-earth, believable and real. He shares his life with humble honesty and engages the reader with deep questions and understanding,” was a recent review. Benefiel has self-published Zendor – Door to What IS after years of cathartic moments in life and writing.

Zendor – Door to What IS can be found on,, CreateSpace, Kindle and Smashwords now. You can find the author’s website, his blog at, Twitter – Be_The_Dream, Facebook – RevZenAuthor and LinkedIn – ZenBenefiel.


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