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Julian Rose, Contributing Writer

Waking Times

The Christ consciousness with which humanity is endowed, and which took physical form in Jesus Christ some 2,000 years ago, is a revolutionary gift. It has the power to transform, to heal and to penetrate the darkness with light.  However, it is a gift which still remains largely sealed away from human consciousness, covered over by the cult of consumption and religious orthodoxy

What this great prophet of 2,000 years past was able to teach and to demonstrate was that such a state of (higher) consciousness ‘exists’ and has always existed; and that it is freely available to us all, being an incontrovertible part of our very DNA and of every cell and corpuscle of our bodies.

I have chosen to use the expression ‘Christ Consciousness’ not because it is any more significant than other high prophetic teachings, but because a significant portion of Western society’s spiritual inheritance is founded on the words and works of the prophet Jesus Christ. Such teaching has the role of passing-on in the earthly plain of existence that which originates in the great cosmic plain of existence, of which we and our planet are an integral part. However it has seldom succeeded in this role, largely due to the fact that ‘religious orthodoxy’ has contrived to take control of the spiritual realm, claiming unto itself ‘the moral high ground’ and giving itself the authority to censor the revolutionary quality of the original message.

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