I just checked out this woman’s site and found her astrological perspective so interesting….more expansive and more meaty than most….check out this article on your 6th house!

MODE OF Cosmic Therapy

Do you realize you signed cosmic contracts before you entered this dispensation of time that you agreed to fulfill? That’s right! You made and signed an official cosmic document that stated you would fulfill it requirements and carry forth the obligations associated with your specific destiny to the best of your ability. The 6th house is the obligatory place where you signed these binding contracts, commitments and tasks to serve others in this life in truly “ordinary’ mind-boggling ways. You agreed that you would meet, interact, (in some cases) marry/divorce certain individuals for inexplicable reasons. Though you are not normally consciously aware of having signed any ‘cosmic’ contracts, you did. This is the house where you do all the things you don’t necessarily want to do. In this segment we will be covering the matters of the 6th house of the MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Astrological Information.
The astrological natal chart is a cosmic {blueprint} photograph of how the planets were placed on the morning you were born. By the various groupings, a professional astrologer can decipher and interpret the meanings associated. But, more importantly IF you will invest the time, energy, effort and interest, inclination and consistency needed, you can discover marvelous things for yourself. The astrological photograph is divided and displayed in 12 particular houses in a wheel of sort. (Like a 12 slice pie} The way the planets are placed in the various slices form/determine a unique pattern and that configuration gives special clues and insights to a person as he plays out his life. This article does not get into the pattern but touches briefly on the various house themes.
I must note at this point, the 12 segments represent a variety of different themes, too. Astrology is an on-going in depth systematic notation that has been used by some of the most brilliant minds in history. There exists a supposition of sorts: “what happens in the sky is reflected on earth.” (Makes sense to me.) I have found the subject to be worth more than 40 years of my time to investigate, study, observe and apply the incredulous invaluable information contained through actual cases. It also thoroughly entertains me since I am such a skeptic by nature and not easily convinced. Should you be able to use, apply or relate to the data offered, that’s because you are at a point in your life where you are ready to receive it.
I have published 5 other existing articles on this particular subject of the houses; by reading them you will be able to follow somewhat of a logical sequential flow of the MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological Information provided on various issues contained therein. It is the only arena in your life where by doing the things that seem so small, insignificant, low paying, disenfranchised, demoralizing and trivial you are able to experience sensations unable to be attained in other manner. This is the proverbial gutter, you could say. So yes, matters of abuse are designated here, as well.
In this house, it often appears as if there are no marching bands, no bright names in lights or noteworthy exalting bravado. But, that is not the case at all. When you do things that are without public notice or appeal, recognition or applaud, you are rewarded continuously without relent. The fact that an emphasis is placed in this house distinguishes you as a person who will make a difference of incredible measure, leaving a legacy long after you have left this dimension.
Dependent upon the planet and sign which rules your 6th house, you are cosmically qualified, signified and set apart to some serious global work. (Though in the beginning it will appear menial.) Because of this high honor, you are obligated to bring sunshine wherever you go. And, simply by shedding this light of the Cosmos, you will be richly blessed and materially compensated beyond measure, especially in business relationships. You will be involved with partners who have vast fortunes to bestow. In other words, you are commanded to share your wealth, without regard as to how it is to be used or appreciated. You are never to expect anything in return nor will you need to be praised for your generosity.
People who have a strong link to the 6th house are true revolutionaries, artists, musicians, poets, actors, teachers, motivators, ministers, healers, chefs, transformer of mankind. You live and conduct your life so multidimensionality. Although this house is conventionally referred to as the house of service, it is the most respected, revered and honored. The 6th house is about cosmic duty, obligation, and responsibility through the most mundane of insignificant tasks. In other words, you will wonder time and time again, will it ever pay off? YES! A resounding yes, but you can’t see it beforehand.
This is the house you must keep your agreements you made prior to (re)entering the earth plane. {IF, in fact this absurd idea can be true!} That’s right! You signed official cosmic esoteric agreements prior to entrance (birth) that you would not (under any circumstance) negate, abort or abandon your mission. No matter how difficult it became. YOU simply would not cheat! You would endure until the end. “…Though he slay me , yet, will I serve him…” (Paraphrased)
Have you ever wondered why you had to do certain things? Stay with certain people? Endure certain hardships which didn’t make any logical sense? Lose everything (material) you had accumulated? An unexpected, unwanted divorce? Financial collapse? Death? (With no answers) Horendous abuse, betrayal and/or neglect? It’s a 6th house matter all the way! What sign is on the cusp? Where is the ruling planet located?
It also has everything to do with the commonplace, boring and monotonous work on a physical level. (In other words taking care of the petty, dirty, non-glorifying details.) Wasn’t it Mother Theresa who said the greatest t job she ever did was to clean toilets? This is the sphere you know without question that you are on a pre-determined destiny that will not be submerged or eradicated. Relationships will prove to be a battleground especially when you are placate, sublimate, or connive in order to get something more from the union. Remember you can’t truly LOVE anyone who you want or expect something from. It’s nothing personal. It’s totally emphatically cosmic.
You are simply living out your designated divine purpose by setting up the parameters in a world which will evolve into a united cosmological unlimited sisterhood and brotherhood. You move effortlessly along your predetermined path with the joyous knowledge of knowing without knowing how you know. People will certainly misunderstand you; even call you crazy for doing what you do. But, do it you must! Enlist, enjoy, and embrace the blessings without feeling guilty, special or shamed. You are on a mission to do a great work. The great work is on you and your personal intimate relationships. But you can’t possibly fulfill that mission when you are so closely identified with it as an integral part to an elaborately important idea of necessary significance. Neither are you to set yourself up separate and apart. Aint nothing special or extraordinary. It’s just a job. Someone’s gotta do it; may as well be you.
Realize that your constant consensual appreciation is never to be directed at people but to those invisible beings {God} (Masters) who serve you daily. It’s your consciousness they’re after. By extending yourself in the world they are being extended simultaneously. Whether you induce a perpetual state of kicking and screaming throughout your life, you will still stand in the position appointed; follow the astute destiny you have. There will be a few broken bones, surgeries, and unexplained illnesses but you will come through them victorious. Truth hurts but it never injures.
You will find how to erase all sense of grander associated with your innate gifts, abilities and talents respectful of the colossal power you carry. In an unobvious manner and humble way you’ll find and establish the simple routine for perfect serenity. Tall Trees will do it for you. Water will calm. Look closely at the sign on this house. Get to know it inside and out. What does it represent to you in fullness? How have you used these gifts? What people do you know who represent the epitome of the sign’s highest qualities? Observe them closely.
Simply do the job of which you signed up to do, (what you must do) without recognized glory or added attention. These are but meaningless distractions. All will unfold as it has been cosmically aligned.
I am a Cosmic Therapist, artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, perfumer, professional astrologer, author, teacher, speaker, poet and self-taught chef. I am also a radio/television talk show creator, host and director. In addition when I’m not busy, I maintain a presence at M.O.D.E International School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences of which I founded many years ago.

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