The Full Moon is Friday, December 28, at 3:21 AM Mountain Standard Time. Stay close to home and be nurtured. Feed your security with some simple things that make you feel safe, protected and supported. Work with the element of fire as a life giving force. Small intimate gatherings are preferable to large ones for this moon.

After the current intensity and the internal preparation for the Solstice time, this time up until the New Year may feel anti-climactic. Watch a tendency towards being intolerant, irritable or short with others around their neediness. Set your boundaries in a loving way and serve through the example of your own inner work instead of getting preachy about what you think is right. Keep as neutral as you can, stay out of Martyrdom and be patient with those who are still in it.

In the aftermath of the Solstice as a marker for change, it is more important than ever to put some quality focus on creating your intentions and goals not just for the beginning of 2013 but for the dream you have of the world you wish to see.

For those celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful holiday!


Jose and Lena

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