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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) There have been rumors and whispers of a council that oversees the “realms of men” but who or what this group is a mystery. According to a document released on August 20th of this year, a group of ancient royals has been in place to watch over humanity for ages of time, answerable to “Galactic Councils.” The document issues cease and desist orders to “Keepers” who are the world leaders an average person would recognize, such as the Queen of England, Dragons, and elected officials. But more likely, these keepers are the powers behind public figures, the so-called Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, Shadow Government, and so on. The document declares that some of these Keepers have violated their original mandates and are subject to removal of power. Furthermore, since October 2015, all assets held by the Royals, such as the collateral accounts, were “returned” and no disbursements from these accounts has taken place. The big question is, how reliable is this document? Is this something real, or just another distraction?

The document is linked below my commentary. I strongly suggest you read it yourself (less than four pages) so you can begin to comprehend, first hand, what is being discussed.

UPDATE 9:06pm EST: I received a link to this video, which claims to have “debunked” the document and Ernest Rauthschild as a fraud. But the proof cited, a seven point list, is lacking. It doesn’t materially provide evidence confirming Rauthschild is a fraud, only that he’s made some incredible claims. At best, it draws some links between this Rauthschild character and Cyndy Kay Courier and Neil Keenan—stating they are frauds, asserts that his ex-wife practiced voodoo, and that he is affiliated with the Office of International Treasury Control. But these aren’t damning substantive indictments. To be clear, I’m not claiming Rauthschild is a valid agent of the Royals, I am merely stating that the claim he is a fraud aren’t supported with material evidence, they are merely accusations on the part of certain researchers. That said, discernment, as always, is advised.

I can’t confirm if the document is valid, if it speaks of real groups in powerful positions, or if it has any authority to issue cease and desist orders. But what I can say is that there is merit to many of the concepts mentioned in the document.

The agent of these Royals who issued the document is named Ernest Rauthschild, which appears to be a variation on the name Rothschild that many will recognize. Rothschild means the Red Shield, and this symbol is likely related to the concept of stewardship, which various groups in power recognize the importance of. Within law, an organization has power because it manages the rights of the people in trust, meaning it is a benevolent steward. Obviously, this isn’t the case with many Cabal-run groups, and yet, they do maintain order to some degree, partially because, to prevent intervention from other benevolent groups, they need to at least appear well intentioned—emphasis on appear. And there’s plenty of rhetoric coming from this group that they could hold up as proof of their good intentions—albeit this is an obvious smoke screen.

That said, Rauthschild could be an agent working for the Keepers as a representative of the Royals.

The document states that the Royals owe their authority to a “Mandate from Heaven,” which at first glance, might seem like a meaningless reference, but it bears great weight when considering how the powers that be claim rights of authority over the people.

All claims of right to rule, whether from monarchies, or democracies, declare these rights in the name of some god-like figure—in the name of the divine. The Vatican, which is arguably the largest and most influential ecclesiastical body on earth, claims to rule over the kingdoms of men for God, in particular, that Saint Peter created the church, and entrusted the keys of the Vicars of Christ to the priests in Rome. Whether or not this claim to power is valid doesn’t matter, it reflects that this group acknowledges heaven as the source of their authority.

From a philosophy of law perspective, all law comes from the divine.

All rights are held in divine trust and conveyed to people and governments through divine writs and notices of a spiritual nature, made real by evidence of the fact human beings are endowed with natural rights. In other words, the fact you are alive, the fact that you have a mind and can direct yourself with free will is prima facie evidence of the fact you inherited these rights from the divine creator, the one who created these rights.

What this means from a government and nation perspective is that the authority to rule over human beings is a divine one.

The governments of the world exist as corporations, and these corporations owe their existence to the Roman Curia, an ecclesiastical body of law organized and verbalized by the Vatican.

An ecclesiastical body is by nature, an organization of human beings that recognizes they are in service of the Creator and the creation, specifically to minister to the spiritual, mental, and material needs of the people. As such, the idea of a “Mandate from Heaven” is quite real.

The powers that be take this mandate very seriously or at least some of them do. The more nihilistic groups out there, due to internal shifts that took place during earlier epochs of human history (between the 17th and 19th century), largely abandoned the “Mandate from Heaven” and began acting overtly against divine law—but this is a story for another time.

The point here is that a mandate from heaven exists as a real thing and is a central tenet at the core of the legal system that rules over the nations of men on earth. And almost every brotherhood, religious body, legal system, and government acknowledges that the Creator is the true law maker and “king” over human society.

The document also asserts that major solar weather events are imminent and that the Keepers of various nations are required to prepare the people and technological infrastructure to deal with any fallout. On this score, we have heard from many people that there is indeed reason to be concerned.

Recall that in October 2016, then president Barack Obama issued an executive order specifically addressing the concern of space weather events on society and technology.

What’s more, NASA posted an article in 2009 speaking of “local fluff,” a peculiar energy region that the solar system was about to enter, which would likely affect life on earth.

And still many others, scientists, astronomers, and government whistleblowers have said some kind of grand solar event will take place in the coming years, which will likely have a profound effect on human consciousness, and resultantly, human civilization.

Although I can’t confirm if the groups cited in the document are real, such as the Royals, the Keepers, or this galactic council, there are several points of confirmation from a merit perspective that can’t be denied.

As I write these words, there are several groups on the planet that are specifically addressing the inequity and corruption of the Cabal-run groups, reaching to the highest places of worldly power. One of these groups, in my estimation, has codified a system of divine law, so perfect, it completely absorbs and consumes the existing system. This document from Rauthschild is functionally equivalent to the work that group is doing, which in my view, is quite intriguing, and might lend credence to this document. I’ll be reaching out to my contacts there to learn more.

The restoration of the rule of law is of central importance and is a major point of focus for a great many world healer groups—although these words might not be used in their rhetoric.

In short, since all true law comes from the divine, then the restoration of the rule of law is the recognition and adherence to the will of the divine on earth. The will of the divine is law, whether natural law, positive law, canon law, or equity law.

The philosophy of law and the golden rule is exemplified in the recognition: our actions and desires are “for the highest and best good of all”—a statement that recognizes the rule of law and divine will.

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In this sense, anyone working to develop morality consciousness or the service-to-others way of being, is albeit unwittingly, seeking to do the will of the Creator and restore the rule of law within themselves. By extension, such law-minded people will eventually form governing bodies or communities also ruled by divine will or the rule of law. The true “Keepers” of such a divine government are not men and women as the ultimate authorities; the true “Keepers” are men and women who embody the rule of law for the realm. This is what is meant by the phrase “Lex Rex: the law is king.”

So although the “law” often gets painted as a Cabal or Illuminati creation, it most definitely is not. The Cabal has arguably kept the knowledge of true law and its philosophy out of circulation specifically because it is the cornerstone of a truly benevolent society.

In conclusion, I’d say that this is a very interesting document, but we won’t know for certain what, if anything, materializes until the slow ebb of time moves forward.

But, we can continue to do the inner-work as individuals, to recognize the importance of law in our own lives.

Law, in its true form, represents divine wisdom, the master manual for creating a utopic society on earth and in the cosmos at large. Through the knowledge and application of law, humans enjoy greater creative powers, freedoms, and benefits. Truth, beauty, and goodness, along with love, fellowship, and altruism are all made possible and enhanced through the knowledge and working philosophy of law, a gift of divine mercy and grace from “heaven.”

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– Justin

Source – Ascension With Earth


1. THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH AMERICA THE FAMILY OF NATIONS 1721-Present 20 August 2017 From the Desk of: H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Ernest Rauthschild The United States of North America, The Republic of North America AND: Chairman of the Royal Imperial Federal Reserve System Re: ICJ/ICC Asset Settlements To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets Peace be upon you ALL, This is an update from the perspective of The Ancient Royal Families (aka “The Royals”) of the current serious world events – especially those unfolding in the Middle East and in The BRICS countries. Discussed are the real issues that are manifesting on the ground, as well as the concerns of The Royals regarding the behavior of the Global Community towards The Royal Assets and concerns over their Keepership in general. So let us start with a bit of history as an introduction. Who are The Royals? The Ancient Royal Families – not to be confused with the kings and queens of the current day or the Dragons one hears about- are hardly mentioned in the news and that is how it is supposed to be. The Royals for millennia have been looking after the planet, its treasures, its land and occupants under the covenant known as “Mandate from Heaven”. They are answerable to the Galactic Councils. The Royals own the title deeds of ALL of the lands and are the ones who own the title of the “Public Land”, all the remaining land as being under “Fair Use Keeping” and are the backers of ALL currencies in the system. As stewards of the planet, they sub-let the land to “Implementers” who look after the running of the land for the benefit of it’s upkeep and that of their occupants. Sometimes other Ancient Families become Implementers and if Implementers use force and coercion, then they are termed as “Dragons”. For example, Queen Elizabeth II is and Implementer and not part of The Royals, so this should not be a matter of confusion. Sometimes they are given to groups or parties to form governments and therefore use their Central Banks to manage some aspects of the interface between The Royals and the Implementers. In recent history, The Committee of 300 was used for this interface, but now this organization is no longer in operation and a new one is in the process of being setup. What are Keepers? All of those working on behalf of The Royals as Implementers are also called “Keepers”. Keepers have the obligation of the upkeep of the assets under their remit, including looking after earth, heaven, natural resources, water and air, as well as the living beings therein and the people who are benefiting. They are also responsible for the safety of the treasures stored in the land and are not to touch them or handle them without explicit consent. Part of these treasures are those held for the future of humanity and others are brought from outside of the planet for safe keeping on behalf of the different Galactic Councils. So “Governments” are Keepers looking after the land called “Countries” and their people on behalf of The Royals. For The Royals to manage these countries, then corporations – with the same name as the countries – are used to manage the accountability of such keeperships; and their Central Banks are then associated with these corporations and their accountability.

2. What are Global Agreements? As long as the Keepers are looking after the people and all the assets under their Keepership, The Royals normally let the Keepers be, with 70-year Global Agreement/ Mandates used to manage the Keepership programs. The last 70-year agreement made with The Royals was in Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. This agreement included the agreement on the release of funds into to the system and the major global development programs to uplift the developing countries into a better state of being. This agreement ended 70 years on during 2014 with a temporary extension taking place, having the last funds made available as of the middle of October 2015. After which ALL Global Accounts were returned back to The Royals. As of the beginning of January 2016, no new agreements have been made and no new releases have been affected. A new agreement is currently being put forward called “The Global Peace Treaty”, details of which are being finalized before being presented to the Global Community. What are Keepership violations? During the latter part of the Bretton Woods agreement years and ever since its ending, there has been a worrying trend of violations and offences that have taken place against the Global Assets and the Keepership system as a whole. But before going into these violations, let us look into the different types of offences that The Royals are noticing which are of concern: • Type 1 Offences are those who directly/aggressively come against The Royals and/or Assets. The remedy is complete removal of the aggressors and the forfeiting of their Keepership, as well as the removal of ALL others that have provided material/logistic support to them. • Type 2 Offences are those that have mishandled Royal Assets, like exposing the assets without Explicit Authorization. The remedy is the forfeiting of their Keepership, as well as ALL others that aided and abetted in these crimes. • Type 3 Offences are those that have neglected their Keepership role, like neglecting the defense of the assets and/or not providing enough logistical support for their upkeep. The remedy is the forfeiting of their Keepership and restoring the damage caused. It is clear from the above that The Royals regard the upkeep of Keepership as an important part of the global system and view with seriousness any violation committed by the Keepers. What Violations are or about to take place? There are a string of violations that have or about to be taking place, for which a stringent “WARNING” is now given with associated “Cease and Desist” and “Imminent Declaration of Loss of Keepership”: 1. There are currently gathering of forces attacking ancient Royal Assets in both Syria and Iraq, as well as others waiting in the wings in readiness to join in the attacks. The Royals view these attacks and these gatherings as directly coming against The Royal Assets and therefore are Type 1 Offences and violation of Keepership. ALL parties are hereby WARNED, are to CEASE AND DESIST and are given now IMMINENT DECLARATION OF LOSS OF KEEPERSHIP. ALL PARTIES ARE TO RETURN BACK FROM ONCE THEY CAME FROM AND TO STOP THE ATTACKS IMMEDIATELY. ALL Countries, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Families and other Organizations who are involved in these violations are TO STOP IMMEDIATELY AND GO BACK. A “Declaration of Loss of Keepership” including “Enforcement Action” will immediately follow if even ONE FOOT is placed into any of these two countries by the participating parties. Furthermore, ALL Countries that harbour or support such groups, or are not in control of their internal keeps to stop these groups from freely operating within their regions, will have committed Type 3 Offences and violation of Keepership. Similar warning and actions are be acted upon them. No further warnings will be given.

3. Furthermore, there are currently Royal Assets being exposed for either sale, theft or placed as guarantees in the financial system. None of these sales or guarantees are authorized by The Royals or have the blessings of The Royals. If in doubt, then please contact myself or the relevant authorities to validate these transactions. The Royals regard these illegal activities as Type 2 Offences and violation of Keepership. This includes but not limited to the BRICS Bank, which has illegally used the guarantees of Royal Assets without explicit authorization. ALL parties are hereby WARNED, are to CEASE AND DESIST and are given now IMMINENT DECLARATION OF LOSS OF KEEPERSHIP. ALL PARTIES ARE TO RETURN BACK ALL THE ASSETS AND GUARANTEES AND TO STOP THE VIOLATIONS IMMEDIATELY. ALL Countries, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Families and other Organizations who are involved in these violations are TO STOP IMMEDIATELY AND RESTORE THE ASSETS. A “Declaration of Loss of Keepership” including “Enforcement Action” will immediately follow if further violations have taken place by the participating parties. No further warnings will be given. 3. Furthermore, there are currently authentic and tangible reports of Planet Earth shortly to go through an extended period of sever space-weather events, affecting the lives and livelihood of everyone on the planet, as well severe disruptions to the normal way of life. The setup of contingencies for the general population and contingencies for ALL of The Royal Assets are hereby expected to take place by ALL Keepers. ALL Keepers are to report back to The Royals their preparation plans for the overcoming of such events. The lack of reporting or contingency or the disruption to the smooth running of the services under their Keepership will be regarded as Type 3 Offences and violation of Keepership. A “Declaration of Loss of Keepership” including “Enforcement Action” will immediately follow if the violations are found to have taken place. No further warnings will be given. 4. Furthermore, there are currently authentic and tangible reports that Royal Assets under the Keep of The Vatican is reportedly under threat of attack by other groups as a way of settling internal scores. The Royals view these potential attacks as disturbing. These attacks will be regarded as directly coming against Royal Assets and therefore are Type 1 Offences and violation of Keepership. ALL parties are hereby WARNED, are to CEASE AND DESIST and are given now IMMINENT DECLARATION OF LOSS OF KEEPERSHIP. ALL PARTIES ARE TO CANCEL THEIR PLANS OF ATTACK IMMEDIATELY AND TO START NEGOTIATING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUES BETWEEN THEMSELVES. The use of prohibited weapons will not be tolerated. The Royals are not interested in being absorbed in mediating such issues between Keepers. ALL Countries, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Families and other Organizations who are involved in these violations are TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. A “Declaration of Loss of Keepership” including “Enforcement Action” will immediately follow if even ONE Royal Asset is negatively affected by the participating parties. No further warnings will be given. 5. Furthermore, there are occasions when reports circulate of some Keepers preparing to use Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in their conflicts, to be in control of the situation. The use of WMD on their own regions or against the Keepership of others are by necessity Type 1 Offences and violation of Keepership. ALL parties are hereby WARNED, are to CEASE AND DESIST and are given now IMMINENT DECLARATION OF LOSS OF KEEPERSHIP. ALL PARTIES ARE TO CANCEL THEIR PLANS OF WMD ATTACK IMMEDIATELY AND TO START NEGOTIATING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUES BETWEEN THEMSELVES. ALL Countries, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Families and other Organizations who are involved in these violations are TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. A “Declaration of Loss of Keepership” including “Enforcement Action” will immediately follow if even ONE Royal Asset is negatively affected by the participating parties. No further warnings will be given. What are the next steps? These due warnings are hereby given and is expected that such warnings are heeded by ALL Keepers. Failure to heed such warnings and if found that the violation has taken place, then The Royals reserve the full right to take any remedial Enforcement Actions necessary against the individual Keeper and ALL those who are supporting them. These matters are viewed with seriousness by The Royals, so should similarly be done by ALL Keepers. ALL Keepers are aware of their Keepership responsibilities and therefore these warnings are not conditional on the individual Keeper receiving such warnings; for this document is just a re-enforcement and a reminder of the responsibilities and consequences of violating the Keepership agreement.

4. Accordingly, this shall serve as a legal notice to All Keepers, that the Royal Families directed that all asset settlements shall be processed and sanctioned by the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice (ICJ), Royal Imperial International Criminal Court (ICC), The Royal Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Royal Sovereign Government of The United States of North America – The Republic of North America. THEREFORE, all Keepers are hereby instructed to process all assets and accounts under their guardianship for settlement, by and through, the Royal Imperial International Court of Justice. There shall be no other entity nor governmental agency sanctioned nor licensed to receive nor redeem global assets and collateral accounts without the sanctioned authority of the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice. The ICJ Licensed Sovereign Royal Judges shall have full authority over all global assets and collateral accounts. FURTHER, all keepers of assets and collateral accounts, are just that, keepers not owners, nor do they have the power, authority and jurisdiction to sell assets, negotiate nor dictate settlements, the ICJ have original and exclusive jurisdiction over all settlements of Royal Family’s assets and collateral accounts. Failure to adhere to such original and exclusive jurisdiction shall be subject to criminal prosecution before the ICC.

If any Keeper has any queries regarding the above, then please contact The Royals or myself to discuss the said concerns.
Ernest Rauthschild
Ernest Rauthschild Royal Prime Minister 8216-8217 
The United States of North America 
The Republic of North America 
The Family of Nations 
cc: Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice Royal Board of Governors, 
Federal Reserve System
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