Waves of Galactic Proportion

Waves of Galactic Proportion courtesy of http://amnaytech.blogspot.com

Galactic Wave Technologies

The idea for Galactic Wave Technologies came about over 14 years ago when I became obsessed with shifting the pain for the planet and myself. After living within a highly dysfunctional family veiled in sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, I yearned for some sort of logical explanation as to why I “had to” suffer such atrocities.  If any of you have read the article “The Birth Bump – Being Born in The Wrong Family,” I truly knew this applied to me.  Over the years, realizations came streaming forth that revealed to me a way in which I could assist others with similar soul pain. I knew my way of contributing to the world would be through technology, so as I finally accepted my path, I began “receiving” information on how to build certain devices and technologies.  It just seemed to come naturally for me.

The idea developed further when we began planning The Project to offer cutting-edge technology services at an affordable price. The focus was to assist anyone on their path to a higher state of consciousness and a clarity of their individual missions, as well healing and eliminating pain. Much of my inspiration came from watching my wife struggle and live in constant consuming pain for over 11 years after Alexandra’s severe car accident back in 2001. It was during this phase of our lives that I envisioned a marriage between technology and our higher consciousness, which triggered continual memories of overseeing, interacting, and communicating with the massive red and blue crystals of Atlantis.  I was born with the ability to repair anything and in most cases without a manual.  In my corporate days as a Project Manager of large integrative security technologies, I found complex problems exciting and fascinated fellow staff members with the ability to provide ingenious solutions with little need for research.

Then came the Implant Removal Process, which literally catapulted my healing and provided me a clean slate to work from.  This process has strengthened me and assisted me greatly in feeling better about myself and I don’t have the propensity to incessantly beat myself up for a past that brought me much guilt and shame.

Now Galactic Wave Technologies is finally a reality, including The Galactic Symmetry Aggregate and The Galactic Array! We combine existing inventions and technological devices of our own creation to provide a unique and superior product. I believe in the concept of not reinventing the wheel, but improving upon that which is in the quantum field with our own cutting-edge technology.

We also combine these technologies with Alexandra’s Galactic Alchemy and Customized Essential Oil Blends, which she is always expanding.  This combination provides an accelerated ability to maintain the changes and allow for ongoing growth without resistance.

We thank you for your continued support of Galactic Connection and the GC Team.

With Love

Steven and Alexandra