April 18, 2012

You have-as a Soul–before taking embodiment on Earth–carefully designed your game plan for this time-space insert, you know as your current life.


Your game plan consists of all ‘unfinished business’—in other words, your unresolved issues, conflicts, unlearned lessons—including judgments that you’ve projected upon others– and must now experience yourself– etc.


You’ve come into this current event arena in order to confront and acquire mastery over certain weak areas in your character.


You’ve made the whole thing up but then have forgotten that you’ve done so!


Your problematic version of your life is only a fictitious story that you’ve told so many times to yourself and to others–that now you’ve totally bought into it!


There really are no problems—only false assumptions, projections and interpretations your false self has conjured up—and therefore there is nothing really there to solve or to “fix”!


Your ego mind convinces you otherwise—for it would have you maintain the illusion of separation– thus giving misery a temporary form.


All pain and unhappiness—regardless of the form it seems to take—has but falsehood as the root cause.


Of course – since you’ve lost awareness of your true Divine Identity and nature– you try to ignore, deny, fix, fight– or escape from your problems!


Therefore instead of staying fully present, intentionally participating and totally occupying your life—you’re longing to be some place else, doing something else.


Many are the forms that avoidance will assume—like for example– the longing to return ‘Home,’ to find your “ideal mate” or unite with your Twin Flame, to be aboard a space ship, to ascend, attain Spiritual liberation, and so forth.


Yet every one of these longings spring from the fundamental illusion that you are separate and apart from Wholeness, Holiness and Eternal Love.


The ego’s agenda is all about keeping you involved in seeking–and thus–never finding—in becoming– and thus robbing you of truly BE-ing—NOW.


Those who are the most frustrated and are complaining the loudest, are also the most resistant to being here on Earth and participating in the very process they’ve set up for them selves in order to step free.


The ‘way out’ of here requires you to first fully BE HERE NOW.


You need to “possess the land of your inheritance” by fully entering into your life arena and dealing with what is before you to the very best of your ability.


Your higher Identity can only manifest when you are fully conscious and physically grounding your Spirituality.

You ground your Spirituality through acting in alignment with your higher Nature and Soul Purpose.


Your ego has the opposite agenda, for it wants to keep you unconscious, lost in mentalizing, fantasizing and resisting your life as it is.


That resistance is what is causing you to feel isolated, lonely and sidelined in the game of life.


Invariably, unwillingness to participate fully in your life also gives rise to other issues, like financial difficulties and problems with relationships in general.


When you don’t ‘show up’ and occupy your life, it’s like there is no one home and the lights are all off.


Then the other players won’t come knocking, because they can see that there is no one home to play with.


You are in a way spiritually dead or at least asleep until you’ve infused your physical body and mind with your Light, Consciousness and vitality!


In this seminar we examine some of the unconscious habits that block one from truly enjoying life and experiencing greater fulfillment.


There are some simple but major keys for those of you who are wondering why things are so difficult.


Here’s how you can break free and enjoy a more fulfilling life while playing the game –AND remembering it is only a game!


“Life is a game, play it, Life is a challenge, meet it, Life is a song, sing it, Life is a dream, realize it. Life is love, enjoy it!” Sai Baba


Excerpts from the April 18, 2012 web radio seminar:



with Cmdr. Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena Sheran


Weds. 8: PM to 9: PM Pacific Daylight Time USA 


WWW.BBSRADIO.COM      station 1

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