Another from Suzan…it is a bit disgusting what the body will do to ward off perceived toxic substances but nevertheless, this is interesting.-A.M.

Uploaded on Mar 21, 2011

This video is of Lester, who had a cancer on his neck. The video shows how garlic and garlic oil killed the cancer, and what occured in the month that followed.
I am Barry W. Bittinger Sr. Garlic also killed my cancer. At first it was a mistake, now I have been able to show people what to do to kill cancer by the use of Garlic Oil (1000 mg or stronger) and eating garlic bulbs. In this video Lester a Jehovahs Wittness had a grapefruit sized cancerious growth on his neck, this growth had been developing for a year I think. at the point of the first part of this video it had eaten into Lesters jugular vain. I was told that he didn’t expect to live much longer. In the days after the garlic oil was applied to Lester’s feet and One leg. (He let the garlic oil get put on one leg, he said he wanted to see how it worked). He also told me that he couldn’t stay at his meetings because he had to spit so much. But the next meeting he went to intending to stay only 15 minutes, he said that he went into the bath room and had to force himself to spit and after that he didn’t have to spit anymore. Anyway this video is in three parts, first the cancer before the garlic and then at 10 days and finally at about a month.
I hope this video helps.