This is the most amazing video on GMO’s – David Suzuki, a geneticist very clearly explains what absolutely bad science is the basis of these GMO’s.   What they have found in their research is that “genetically engineered trees” that have been planted all over the world “are the greatest threat to the world’s remaining native forests since the invention of the chain saw.”
David Suzuki explains the process of genetic engineering do it and how it is “absolutely bad science” that is being conducted.  He explains how the entire tree is turned into a pesticide, it can’t be washed off, and eventually leads to more and more toxic methods.  There is no specific target as to what or who can be harmed by the pesticide trees.  It’s specifically designed to be an insecticide that is expressed throughout the entire organism.   The crops are designed to produce BT toxin.  This BT toxin continues to be created over and over “from cradle to grave and beyond”.  It causes the evolution of BT resistant pests aka “super bugs” that have resulted in an increase in the production of even more toxic pesticides to try to control them.   When the pesticide is on all the time, the only insects that live are the ones that are a little resistant to it and they mate with other ones that are a little bit resistant to it.  And so, the process literally breeds the super-bugs.
Everyone needs to view this video so they get a better understanding of how these scientists have been endangering the entire planet and the process needs to be stopped and reversed pronto.
I am still listening, only 1/4 way through this video but am forwarding to you now because it is so important.
God bless you
God bless our planet
We will all get through this and come out the other side of this with gratitude
We just need to keep our focus on doing what needs to be done, in loving, on purpose for the intended goal of achieving what is the highest good of all concerned.
I suggest that we stay away from “againstness” and make our intention clear – what does not serve us is released, removed, replaced with what serves us on the highest level for the highest good of all concerned.
Peace, Love, Blessings Abound
Welcome the Awakening
As we let go of what no longer serves us, we are grateful for this new beginning