no_gmoWith all the processed, sugar-laden filth they bring to market each year, I’m constantly amazed that Big Food executives still have teeth to lie through. For years we’ve watched food conglomerates foist dangerous and deadly ingredients on the American public, only to throw up their hands in an “I know nothing” routine straight out of Hogan’s Heroes once the illnesses and body counts pile up.

But according to a new study, Big Food may have told one granddaddy of a whopper in its efforts to convince the public of the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods. It’s the kind of tall tale that would make even Paul Bunyan himself blush.

A major consumer rights group has just issued a shocking research report that appears to show that Big Food was lying through its rotting teeth when it said that that GM crops would require less herbicides and pesticides. In fact, GM farmers are now coating your produce with more dangerous, disease-causing chemicals than ever before!

Food companies have been selling us this eco-utopian fantasy that their GM crops would make farms environmentally-friendly Gardens of Eden. Big Food scientists engineered herbicide-resistant seeds that they claimed would allow farmers to use far less of these dangerous chemicals that have been linked to everything from cancer to neurological disorders.

The only problem is that it’s a lie. New research from Food & Water Watch, using data from the USDA and EPA, found that as farmers tripped over themselves to plant herbicide-resistant GM crops, they actually used more toxic herbicides and pesticides than ever before! In fact, the use of one particularly deadly pesticide has increased ten-fold over the past 16 years!

Turns out the crops aren’t the only plants resisting industrial-strength weed killers — the weeds are, too. The herbicides and pesticides, often created by the same companies selling the GM seeds, have spawned super weeds that are like vampires — they live forever, and you practically need garlic, holy water, and a wooden stake to kill them!

That means that as farmers plant more GM crops, they’re being forced to douse the food you bring to your dinner table with deadly chemicals. If a salad covered in weed-killing poison isn’t your idea of a healthy meal, I don’t blame you. It’s time to start insisting on organic produce, and getting behind efforts in your state and nationally to make sure all GM foods are labeled so we can make informed choices at the grocery store.

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Yours in good health,

Bob Reagan