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Today, we have two articles.

1) The God Field
by Owen K Waters

Portal of god to planetCleanliness may be next to godliness, but curiosity gets you even closer. We were endowed with our Creator’s sense of curiosity and that is what bestows upon us the desire to understand the nature of reality.

In this article, you will see that a top-down, Creator-based philosophy can provide answers to the mysteries that elude materialistic science today. The key question one needs to ask to unravel the mysteries of the universe is to first say, “How did the Creator do that?”

By looking at Creation from the top down, this article will even provide the answer to two of the most vexing mysteries in the science of physics today: How is light transmitted and what is the nature of gravity? … (more)…



2) Power Healing
by Owen K Waters

Vital life energy is the key to all natural healing. In order to restore health and balance, the human body uses the power provided by additional vital life energy.

You can increase the energy level of your body with a healthful diet. You can engage in spiritual healing practices. And, you can use nature’s living energy in concentrated form, as provided by the essential oils contained within various herbs and plants.

While there are many perfume-grade essential oils at health food stores, you can discover the true power essential oils provide when they are pure and are distilled to harness the core healing aspects of the plant provided by Mother Earth.

When Wayne Dyer started using these specific oils and realized the benefits, he called them “God in a bottle!” Well-known yoga teacher Rodney Yee started using them and enthusiastically declared, “They are SO amazing!”

Find out what the excitement is all about with this article on the ten everyday essential oils and how they can enhance your mind, body and spirit, at: