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Karen DoonanBeloved ones, I am the energies that are placed for you in the context of GOD and I am here to communicate with you through my channel in order to prepare you at a very human conscious waking mind level for ALL that will now unfold around you, through you and within you upon and within planet earth at this time. There is much conversation among and around the human race in relation to what will unfold in what is termed the “EVENT” and I am here to help you anchor the full unfolding of your dream in TRUTH into the New Earth reality that is now breathing and expanding upon and within planet earth in TRUTH.

I place before you the GARDEN OF EDEN and ask that you throw off the shackles that have been placed around your wrists and your ankles, so long have you worn these vibrational shackles that many of you have not even stopped to take them off or to notice them pulling at your human vehicle. YOU ARE IN FREEDOM, this the birth right of ALL sentient BEings in the UNIVERSE of 3 and the FREEDOM is in each breath, each moment of each moment and you are asked to anchor this fully at a cellular level in order that you can align fully with the ACTIVATED sacred geometrical energy patterns that are now taking effect.

These energetic patterns are not seen by the naked human eye so are apt to be filtered out at a very conscious waking mind level and I am here to remind you that ALL is energy and ALL JUST IS. That which was always to BE is now rapidly accelerating and is taking FORM upon and within planet earth in the outer waking reality of the human vehicle in which you have incarnated in order to experience this very EVENT.

For many of you at this moment this is a moment of complexity, the human logical mind triggered to the point of collapse and yet there is RELEASE in this very scenario, the human logical mind no longer needed in order to DRIVE the human experience, it is needed in order to REFERENCE your human life experience and the two scenarios are not interchangeable. Many of you are still holding tightly on preferring to try to “make” your SOUL show you the next step in your human life journey, akin to the little child who is refusing to walk forward until they are rewarded.  This is a residue from the teachings that you have endured in the old 3d earth created reality and I guide you clearly to TRUST, the reward that you seek is ALREADY WITHIN YOU, for it IS YOU in TRUTH and many of you are still looking outwith your human vehicle, searching for proof that you exist whilst filtering out that you are in a human vehicle. YOU EXIST for YOU ARE ETERNAL, you need no proof of this and yet you have been TAUGHT to search for proof at all moments of all moments.

This searching will see many of you in circles and patterns that are now DISSOLVING, therefore the chaos will feed on chaos will feed on chaos and I am here to move you out of this spiral in order that you may choose to move into EXPANSION, this is the sacred geometry that now calls to you on ALL levels of your BEing for IT IS YOU. You are the UNIVERSE for YOU ARE the LOVE that IS, you have merely taken human form in order to experience this planet. Do you understand my guidance?

I place the codings:


111 111 222 888 444 66 77 88 33


11 22 11 22 44 33 99 000 111






H2O blue delta pink magenta diamond




I ask that you understand that at a SOUL level you are shifting and the resonance that you are now achieving is spiraling outwards in order to move the human life experience OUT of the old 3d earth created reality in order to dissolve it fully. At this moment you are asked to align with the HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and to focus on the LOVE that IS.

The storms that now rage around you (symbolically and energetically) seek to release you from the tight bondage of the old 3d earth paradigms. You have been TAUGHT that you cannot exist without them and this is not TRUTH. Allow your SOUL to show TRUTH to new levels of your BEing and BREATHE and BE as you now step out of the storm and into the calm of a NEW EARTH.   As you do this allow the NOISE of the storm to dissipate, allow yourself to acclimatize to the SILENCE for there is much power in the SILENCE. Then begin to tune to the NEW sounds of the New Earth, it is a place of peace and tranquility, it is the POLAR opposite of what you have been TAUGHT is life upon this planet.


I am GOD (in a human context) and I walk with you always, take my hand and let me show you the GARDEN OF EDEN in TRUTH, simply open your HEART and BREATHE.

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