Pope Confirms ‘Gay Lobby’ at Work at Vatican

PopeFrancis2By NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press
VATICAN CITY June 12, 2013 (AP)

In private remarks to the leadership of a key Latin American church group, Pope Francis lamented that a “gay lobby” was at work at the Vatican.

It was an apparent reference to allegations in the Italian media that blackmail was taking place within the Vatican against high-ranking prelates who are gay.

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Francis Gets Personal: ‘I Didn’t Want to Be Pope’

By NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press
VATICAN CITY June 7, 2013 (AP)

Pope Francis revealed Friday that he never wanted to be pope and that he’s living in the Vatican hotel for his “psychiatric” health.

Francis showed a personal and spontaneous side as he met with thousands of children from Jesuit schools across Italy and Albania. Tossing aside his prepared remarks, Francis surprised the kids by asking them if they’d like to ask him some questions instead.

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Pope Admits To Corruption At Vatican

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ROME – Pope Franciscus admits during a meeting with Latin-American delegates that corruption and homophobia exist in the Roman Curie but that “it’s not easy to reform it”.

Pope Franciscus says reforming the church administration isn’t an easy task. Photo Credit: Photo News

The Pope told the news agency I.Media that reforming the Curie (administration of the church), is a difficult undertaking because there are really good people in the Curie who are intertwined with corruption.

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Francis ‘will open files on Hitler’s Pope’, says friend


Decades of doubt over the role played by “Hitler’s Pope” under the Fascist regimes in Italy and Germany during the 1930s and 1940s may be answered if Pope Francis, as a close friend has suggested, opens the Vatican archives

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