by Lisa Vaas on April 3, 2014 | 8 Comments

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Google’s been in trouble for years over its Street View cars driving around and snorting unsecured wireless networks and all the tasty related data: passwords, usernames, private email and all.

And so the nosey-car saga continues, with Google pushing the snooping scandal up into the US Supreme Court.

Here’s some of the highlights from a Wi-Spy story that never seems to run out of gas:

  • Google’s Street View cars collect WiFi access point information in bulk for geolocation purposes.
  • The ruckus began in 2010, when it it emerged that for several years, Google had been sucking up WiFi payload data at the same time it was locating your access point.
  • Google denied it. Yes, its networks were sending information to other computers that are using the network, but Google didn’t collect or store that payload data, it said.
  • Except, whoops! It was. The company admitted that it actually did store payload data.
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