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Google earth reveals strange Antarctic entrances – evidence of secret UFO bases?
[June 13, 2012 –

extra extra]  On Google Earth one can find two large entrances that extend below the
Antarctic surface and ice near the coastline. For some observers, they
are natural caverns formed over time by the intense Antarctic weather
conditions. Not so according to Scott Waring owner of the popular UFO
Sightings blog. In a post released yesterday, Waring claimed that they might be entrances to an alien base or a secret
facility of some kind. He highlighted a video containing close-ups of
the two large entrances. In the video, there is also an image of what
Waring believes to be a huge saucer shaped object buried under melting
ice near Antarctica. While there is no Google Earth image available of
the mysterious buried UFO, the cave/base entrances are available for
independent analysis. If the latter are indeed entrances to underground
bases, then it would appear that claims that UFOs have bases in
Antarctica, and may have even helped fleeing World War II Nazis escape a punitive U.S. Naval expedition, are not so far-fetched after all.

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