Jason DorrierWritten By: Posted: 06/25/13 12:04 PM

SH 128_#2 BIG

It’s no secret Google’s building a high-tech portfolio beyond search, from self-driving cars to artificial intelligence. But they’re also quietly building something else entirely—a futuristic new campus at NASA Moffett Field. Though the firm has been rather reserved about their new Bay View campus, a panel of designers and architects involved in the project recently gave a talk at NASA, a stone’s throw from Singularity University.

Down for the afternoon, I popped in to hear the gospel.

Over the years, the Googleplex has been well adapted to house the titan of search, but it is not a Google creation from the ground up. Said another way, that particular algorithm has not yet been optimized. So, the firm decided to undertake a building project more suitably ambitious and principled—a building of the future synthesizing the most cutting edge technology of the present.

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