bix weirAs credit card companies and retailers testify on Capital Hill about how bad the credit/debit card system is broken I have a very different take on what is going on…
We are at the End of the Road my friends and the Banksters are pulling out all the stops to divert blame and STEAL WHAT’S LEFT!
And I know from experience! 
True story…I got a new debt card from my bank (yes, I do have a bank but I don’t keep much in it:) a few weeks back with a note saying that my current card number had been part of the Target Card theft and they wanted to protect me just in case. Great. Thanks Mr. Banker. I activated my new card and went along my merry way.
2 days later I get a call from my bank saying there were some suspicious charges to my old card number the day after I activated my new one. Apparently, when they issued and activated my new card my old card was not cancelled. Who’s fault? I have no idea but the immediate abuse of the card upon activation of my new card tells me that SOMEONE knew inside the bank!
Ok, conspiracy theories aside I have begun the process to recoup the phoney charges by filling out all kinds of paperwork for the bank swearing it wasn’t me that made the charges. We’ll see if I get the charges reversed in “10 working days”.
Back to my Road to Roota take on all this…
When I think about how the Banksters can use this to their advantage something immediately jumps out…THEY HAVE OFFLOADED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS HUGE PROBLEM. If it was the banksters that RAN THE PHONEY CHARGES IN THE FIRST PLACE then they are basically confiscating money, calling it credit card fraud and walking away without blame. Hmmm. 
Now let’s take it a bit further. As more and more people experience the same problem as I had it is not a great leap of faith to think that the confidence in the electronic banking system will be challenged. It is possible that the Banksters are going to use this as the REASON the system imploded if enough people experience the same situation as I did. It would also cause a MAJOR RUN on the Global Banking System. Just think of people with electronic account balances linked to credit and debit cards that are now 100% at risk! The run on the banks to get that money OUT would be instantaneous! (Conveniently taking the BLAME away from the Banksters and putting it on the “hackers” that stole all the credit and debit card numbers.)
Voila! The system collapses and the Banksters can blame other “evil doer” hackers!
Will it all go down this way?  Maybe. The way the media is uncharacteristically calling attention to the situation I would now say…PROBABLY!
For the 1,000th time…Stay safe with your assets OUT of their system!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

PS – Just as a side note…if this is the plan of the Banksters, to crash the electronic payment system, then BITCOIN could instantly fly to $1 MILLION PER COIN as it will be the only answer to the PROBLEM. Physical Gold and Silver are not the answer to problems in the ELECTRONIC payment processing system!