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The Hidden Truth Behind The News


This article will use Australia as an example but be assured the same story exists all over the world

collusion20posterIt may appear to be rather complex and more of a jig-saw puzzle to most but to those that understand the workings of the share market, financial, banking,  oil, gas and mining sectors it will be easy reading. It is not intended to smear those that are operating above board or those genuine organisations that remain transparent but rather to those that are supposed to stop major fraud and corruption i.e. Leaders, Politicians, Major Fraud Police etc……..it is to these people that I point a finger and remind them of their duties as civil servants to protect their countries finances and in doing so protect the citizens. It is their duty of care to  stop this cunning way of ripping off ordinary people, cutting off essential public services and to bring these gangsters to justice……many of whom are within their own ranks!!

We know who they are and where they operate their “Boiler Rooms” full of virtual or fake companies…….that is where our countries wealth has gone and under the proceeds of crime can be recovered…….don’t allow your governments to deceive you anymore and demand they track these New World Order Scumbags down and bring them before the courts and in doing so kick this “Bullshit Deficit Story” out of politics once and for all!!

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