and the Mayan Calendar
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling

by Simeon Chi’Ra

w/ Ascended Master Lord Menon
You are no doubt aware of the 26,000 year cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes. You are more than likely aware of the Mayan Calendar which, depending on whose info you read, either ended on 10/28/11 or will do so on 12/21/12.  Ascended Master Lord Menon indicates these two “end dates” represent two major timelines which all other timelines converged with on 11:11:11. These two timelines then converge also on 12/21/12.You have also heard of people speaking of the “Time of the Light.” According the Lord Menon it is true that we are entering a “Time of the Light.” We have been through quite a few of these actually. Each time we have gone through the 26,000 years cycle of the precession of the equinoxes there is a point where our solar system and planet align within the galactic plane. Our orbit about galactic center is not flat, we are sort of bobbing up and down as we go round and round.

However, each of these previous 26,000 year cycle’s “Time of the Light” lasted a short while and then we returned to a “Time of the Dark” as we moved back away from the galactic plane and lost benefit of the additional energy emanations from galactic core which are particularly powerful right on the galactic plane.

This time however, Lord Menon indicates it is going to be quite different. The reason why is that we are located in a spiral galaxy. Each complete orbit we have made about galactic core since the inception of our solar system has carried us a wee bit closer to our galactic core. Everything in our galaxy is slowly spiraling towards its center and will eventually be consumed by the massive black hole singularity at its center!

Therefore, also with each passing 26,000 year cycle we have been just a little bit closer to galactic core. The closer you get to galactic core, the stronger are the higher energy emanations from it. This is true not only right on the galactic plane, but above it and below it as well. Each “Time of the Light” has therefore been a bit more luminous, and the following “Time of the Dark” a bit less dark.

Master Menon indicates that there is a specific galactic flash point for our world. This flash point involves our inwardly spiraling galactic journey converging with our collective evolutionary momentum. The flash point is triggered by our reaching a specific critical distance from our galactic core as we also reach a specific frequency in our collective consciousness. When this occurs the energy emanations from galactic core can then sustain a higher consciousness of light in our world more continually.

This “Time of the Light” we are now entering will continue to persist even after we increasingly leave our direct physical alignment with the galactic plane over the next couple of thousand years or so. It is a macro-cosmic version of what we worked with in the Xyx’Na Transmission (free video) during the mid-point of the 10th Heaven last year.

The “end of the world” that the completion of the Mayan Calendar represents is actually a very masterful calculation of our proximity to galactic core interacting with our collective evolution according to Master Menon. It is a cosmic timepiece extraordinaire that the ancient Mayan seers and sages developed with a little Ultra-Terrestrial assistance!

Therefore, according to Ascended Master Menon, the “Time of the Light” we are entering right now is NOT going to come to an end as did all the others previous on our Earth planet. When this occurred in the past illumined civilizations suddenly disappeared into obscurity never to be heard from or seen again.

This “Time of the Light” will now be sustained into perpetuity. There will be no “Time of the Dark” to follow! Like OMG, we have been in this pattern so long it is like an electric joy-jolt to fully embrace this cosmic knowledge!

In fact, this “Time of the Light” will not only be sustained into perpetuity, it will exponentially expand its higher-light quotient as we move forward and begin to more fully experience the powerful cosmic ignition that is being lit right now by galactic core within our collective sparkler.

Lord Menon indicates we are literally on the verge of exploding with higher-light even as we watch our world struggling through many age-old very dense dilemmas. Ascended Master Lord Menon also indicates that by the year 2027 there will be very, very few people on planet Earth who will be able to sustain any denial that something quite radically different is happening in our world.

Like the group “Bachman Turner Overdrive” once sang back in the 70’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”! And indeed, “any love is good love”… take it to center and make it PURE LOVE in YOUR BEING… cherish every moment of love you experience, that is the cosmic fuel galactic core will ignite most readily!

Blissings of Oneness Love,
Simeon Chi’Ra