Hello All!

AlertThe purpose of this email is to make you aware of some very disturbing information that Tim just received and shared with me.

I don’t know if you are aware that he is in the gas and oil distribution business.  This afternoon they received a disturbing request from Regions bank (who are customers of theirs) to arrange to have an extra load of diesel fuel allocated for them and to be available by Monday, May 7th, for their emergency generators.  The reason they gave for this was that they needed a backup load for their generators…AS THEY HAD BEEN NOTIFIED BY THE FEDS THAT THE FEDERAL GOV’T HAD RECEIVED WARNING FROM THE HACKERS OF ISRAEL THAT THE UNITED STATES’ GRID WAS GOING TO BE HACKED STARTING ON MONDAY AND TAKEN DOWN!
This afternoon was the first that Tri-Star was made aware of any of this…and Regions is the only company that they have heard from so far.  However, Regions stated (and this was confirmed by a TOMA emergency response officer) that this was real and had gone out to all banks and hospitals.
Here is a link to a notification that was forwarded to Tim that I thought you might find helpful:
and to one regarding the Israel hacking:
I’m sending this message to you so that you can alert your family, friends, and groups.
At the least, I think we need to tell all we know to make sure that they are prepared by having:
1.)  Money in their pocket
2.)  Gas in their cars
3.)  Alternative energy (lights, etc.) prepared and ready
4.)  Communication plans in place
5.)  Food in their homes
I find the timing interesting, of course, especially in light of all that the feds are trying to do…perfect opportunity to put their complete machine of tyranny into action.  And, then, Obama will no longer be “irrelevant”, militia will be on the streets, the people will be in lockdown…just watch if this happens…
Please get back to me with your thoughts or any additional information that you may have…
God Bless Us All,
(P.S.  Also, Tim said this was going to be tricky as the fuel distribution industry is experiencing a shortage of diesel…reason unknown!)