The closing of the year. Photo taken yesterday, by Aepril.


All right people, this is a Big One! And it doesn’t end with tonight’s festivities (or non-festivities if that is your choice!). This is just the beginning of a big profound ride into magnificence!

-The New Moon happens at 6:14 EDT on Jan 1, 2014.
-This New Moon will be a part of a major Grand Cross involving planets in cardinal signs.
-It is also a Supermoon, ans astronomical event in which the Moon appears to be very close to the Earth. This adds power to its lunar punch!

What does this mean for us! It means that we are entering a portal of transformative excitement. Cardinal signs bring movement, and we are going to have to move forward in some way. It’s going to be colorful!

The New Moon conjuncts the Sun, Mercury and…wowza…Pluto…and squares yang Mars. This is a forceful call for change. those of us with personal planets and points in mid cardinal signs are feeling this moment very strongly, and will continue to do so over the next months right into spring (to know where this Grand Cross falls in your chart, consider getting a reading with a professional astrologer). Shifting is occurring (see yesterday’s post for more: Aepril’s Astrology daily forecast for Dec 30, 2013. Grand Cross.)
Know that revolutionary change is likely, and set your intentions for the New Year with this in mind.

Keeping things interesting, we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn. We are going back into some old relationship ground, perhaps getting to the root of things. The holidays may have brought to light some old patterns begun in early family life that are still impacting the ways in which we relate to others as adults. Any flimsy decisions made about current relationships may be up for reevaluation. Old flames may appear. Newer relationships may slow down—and this is not a bad thing, as we need to proceed with caution now. There is a lot of pressure for change, but there is also a need to build solid structures. We need to get really clear now about where we want to go, and release the hold of auto-pilot.

It’s so easy to blame each other at these times! If only he would…if only she would…if you would only do such and such, we wouldn’t have this problem…stop pushing me…stop fighting me…I’m not giving this until you give me that…I’m not letting go dammit because you said…I’m not ever coming back because you…UGH! People, puh-lease!
We all do this. Beware now of boxing the shadow. Yes, there are changes that need to be made, but please do err on the side of kindness. All of us are now potentially in the thick of working through a lot of unconscious motivations and tensions that have been keeping us out of alignment with Self. All the people we see—the people on the road, at the market, the people on Facebook (don’t entirely buy the “highlight reels” you’re seeing in your feed; everyone has a struggle of one kind or another), the people at home, the people we long for—everyone is being effected by these collective energies. Cool head, warn heart.

The fact is that confrontations are going to happen. We are tested now in how we handle them. Withdrawing probably won’t do. Attacking or passive aggression won’t, either. If you feel up to it, consider reaching out to someone that you are wanting to connect with, maybe someone there has been conflict with. Try to do it without expectation for a particular response. We may find that when we are centered in a gentle heart, we can say our truth—and hear another’s–without getting caught up in old reactions. It’s worth a try! It may be liberating! And the world needs you to be free to be YOU!!!!
Some of us have already done some of this work of standing in truth and claiming self. And so…now what? Maybe there is still grief for what has been relinquished. There are BIG FEELINGS. This is a time when new things to come may be revealed–the bigger picture purpose for the changes that have taken place.

Each of us are so very precious. Our hearts and minds and bodies and spirits MATTER. It matters that we were put here on this earth, it matters that we are here with some special gift, some special medicine. We start by treating ourselves like we matter. Unfortunately, if we do not do this, others who are ill in some way will step in to treat us like less. Just standing in truth can rock boats. But this may be the task now. There is a “do or die” energy to this astrological series of events. Shake off those shackles, and LIVE!!! There is so much goodness waiting for you!

May you step into this calendar New Year with clarity, love, patience, strength, compassion and joy!!!! Let’s get on this ride—let’s do this!!


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