This is just a basic explanation and reminder for all of us what to do during this retrograde period.


Ok, before I even begin writing about Mercury Retrograde I think it only fair to admit that I am not an expert, that I know very little about Astrology in general (but learning more every day), and that I am certain there are many who will read this post who are much more qualified to write it than I am.

If this sounds like you we would really love it if you leave a comment and add to this conversation, and if you adore Astrologly, are an “expert”, and love writing about it in a way that gives the rest of us an idea of what is going on in the stars we would love to know that too.

So, why am I writing this?

Because I have found that 3 times a year, for about 3 weeks, business can not be conducted as usual (at least not for me).  That my computer will act up (Firefox has crashed twice already this morning), my phone likes to play tricks (yesterday it kept freezing), that almost any new project I attempt seems to be filled with one issue after another.

I wouldn’t understand what was happening until someone would mention that it was Mercury Retrograde and then I would bow my head and just wait for it to end.

And then I got to thinking.

Our phenomenal Universe is not a practical jokster.  It has not set up a period of time every year designed to sabotage us and make life difficult just for entertainment.  I realized that perhaps Mercury Retrograde had another purpose, and with that in mind I went looking and I loved what I found….

What is Mercury Retrograde?

from I learned that…..

It takes Mercury only 88 days to orbit the sun.  This means that about 4 times a year it catches up and bypasses the slower Earth.  As it approaches the Earth it appears (optical illusion) as if it is slowing down, stopping, and then even going in reverse (have you ever driven by a train that was slowing down?).  It then appears to stop again before reversing direction and moving ever faster away from our planet.    This cycle takes about three weeks and is what is called Mercury Retrograde.

And how does Mercury affect us?

Mythologically speaking Mercury is the messenger of the gods.  Astrologically the planet Mercury is associated with any activity related to communication, travel and learning.  Mercury is also the planet of the mind, it affects how you think, how you solve problems, and how you relate to others.  And it is thru Mercury that your mind crosses from the physical plan to the world of imagination.

Most of us have heard about all the things that can go wrong during Mercury Retrograde.  You don’t want to sign a new contract, buy a new house, start school.  You want to make certain you give yourself plenty of time when you travel, and if communication is important make sure there are backups.  And speaking of back-ups, you want to be careful about anything you do on the computer, and making sure there are copies of everything you want to hold on to is critical.

Yes, we have all heard the warnings, so where are the blessings?

The Secret Power of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to reconsider, repair, reflect, review, and even to reconnect.  Harness the power of this time by…..

Review and Reflect on your life purpose, goals and current direction.  Have you been moving so fast that you haven’t realized that you are moving away from instead of towards your Highest and Best Dreams?  Now is the time to take the time to determine whether or not a course correction is in order.

Reconnect with old friends, projects started and never finished, ideas considered and shelved.  Sometimes during Mercury Retrograde old friends seem to come out of the woodwork (I heard from 3 yesterday :-) ).  And though you don’t want to start anything new, it is a fabulous time to bring closure to whatever has been hanging.

Repair -with the power of  Mercury Retrograde supporting you it will be much easier to forgive those grievances that may have been haunting you for years.  It is during this time period that you can really let go of old baggage, you can heal old wounds, and you can free yourself from whatever it is that has been holding you back.

Mercury Retrograde is a powerful time to slow down and contemplate your life and what is most important.  It is a time to (as much as you can) step away from the chaos of modern society and reconnect with your soul and move yourself back into the flow of your Highest and Best life.  When you respect and harness the power of Mercury Retrograde you may, like me, begin to look forward to this wonderful gift from the Universe :-)


And in 2013 you will be able to tap into Mercury Retrograde’s magic from…

*February 23 until March 17

*June 26 until July 20

*October 21 until November 10