Time collapses into a single focal point, now, and the one unshakeable thing we know is I AM (and silence is the womb of creation.)

Once we realize we alone are the projector of reality we are no longer dominated by external events.

We are all in it, with it, around it, in front of and behind it, it is, drum roll please…. it is the consciousness of US!

News pulls us into a dark world of constant disasters. The thing to realize is that what makes us safe is the higher intelligence that resides within us.

We belong to the scheme of the universe. There’s nothing to be afraid of; we’re safe.



Be in the feeling of BEING ALREADY THERE. Use the “I Am” to generate the feeling (because thoughts generate our feelings not the other way around as most people think) then rock out on being a millionaire with love, eagerness, excitement and the fun of it.