January 27, 2013
Nuclear test is ‘people’s demand’, says North Korea
Seoul (AFP) Jan 26, 2013 – North Korea Saturday renewed its threat to carry out a third nuclear test in the latest in a series of bellicose warnings sparked by a tightening of UN sanctions, saying it was the “demand of the people.” It came a day after Pyongyang said the sanctions adopted earlier this week amounted to a “declaration of war”, threatening the South with unspecified “physical counter-measures”. “A nuc … more
Pentagon lays off workers as budget cuts loom
Washington (AFP) Jan 25, 2013 – The Pentagon said Friday that it has begun laying off some of its 46,000 temporary and contract workers and is cutting maintenance on ships and military hardware, as it prepares for potentially drastic defense cuts. “We’re trying to minimize the harm to defense but we need to take some actions now to avoid larger harm later,” Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday. Carter said t … more