Oneness 102: 45 – Be a Ball of Light and Love

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 07:29 AM PDT

Have a ball. Be a ball. Be whole. Be your complete, harmonious, healthy, holy Self.

Visualization: Be quiet. Become centered and at peace in your meditation. Connect with your I Am Self and with your teachers and angelic guardians in the higher planes. If you do not see an image of them, just affirm their presence. Affirm your oneness with them in I Am consciousness.

Under their direction, a 12-foot ball of Christ light appears above your head, which the angels and masters slowly lower down and around you. It touches down on the top central portion of your head, and then descends into your third eye. In Spirit’s time, the ball of Christ light, representing your own light body, descends until it fully encompasses you. Its center point, the very center of the circle/ball is at your third eye.

Thus, from your third eye, the upper half of the ball extends upward about 6 feet, and the lower half extends to the floor or ground. You are in a ball of light. You have had a ball!

Note how this feels. It your do not see it in any visual sort of way, simply intune with it and feel its presence. If you don’t feel or sense anything, just know that the ball of light is all around you and within you as one. You are a ball of beingness, of light and love, of harmony and wholeness and holiness. Affirm it. Decree it. Visualize it. Realize it.

The ball was considered by ancient Greek philosophers Pythagoras and Plato to be the most perfort of all forms. It represents wholeness, completion, fullness, fulfillment and holiness. Thus, within the ball, some of this sensation and feeling and knowing comes to you. You feel whole. You perceive a new and higher degree of your holiness. You see yourself as you truly are as a Christ being, a beloved child of our Father-Mother God. I am that I Am.

After you have practiced and perceived this sufficiently, such that this new consciousness is well anchored and formed, be a cosmic midwife to help anchor a Christ ball of light over a fellow light worker. What you have experienced for yourself you now share with another child of God.

See the person a few feet in front of you. Link with his or her indwelling Christ or I Am Self. Commune with his teachers and angelic guardians in the higher planes. Call upon them to show you the image of a ball or sphere of light that is about 12 feet in diameter. See this over the head of the person before you. If you don’t see or feel anything, just know that this solar sphere is there.

Reach out with your arms and hands, and place your hands to the side of the huge ball. Of course, the only way you can do this is with your light-body arms, because your astral and physical upper extemities are not capable of doing this. You do it in your light body.

Then as you are guided, as if your are a midwife or obstetrician, lower the ball of light slowly into the person’s crown chakra, third eye and all lower centers. See the ball finally centered at the third eye of the individual. Acknowledge, feel, affirm and know that with this ball of beingness around this person, he or she is now holy, complete, full, one with God. All that this person needs to bring forth his or her healing is within, around and flowing through him or her.

To cap and complete this experience, receive a single idea/image/instruction from the masters and angels, which you give to the person in the ball: Be your Self. That is all that is necessary for this soul before you. Just be your Self. Be who you truly are, a holy and whole and harmonious child of God. If an image comes with this, fine. If not, just speak the words silently or out loud. Mostly, have faith in your heart that this is indeed true and will manifest fully in time.

Give thanks unto Spirit and all agents of Spirit. God is good.