MeSince the creation of The Implant Removal Process, Jerry and Alexandra have become quite the dynamic healing team.  We fully recognize how powerful Jerry’s healings are, especially with Alexandra’s alchemical formulas! Once we were contacted by so many of you requesting help and attention to chronic illnesses, diseases, and issues, we aligned our talents so we can provide long term, tangible solutions.

There has never been such an accelerated time for our bodies to surface all of it’s impediments as now!  We are shedding our woes just like Mother Earth is, so now more than ever people everywhere are re-experiencing old wounds cropping up or perhaps new illnesses developing out of no where.  They are typically not “new” but stored “programs” or energies that just weren’t effectively dealt with at a prior time.  Since the body is a phenominal self-healing mechanism, it does a pretty amazing job of cleaning up this sort of hindrance.  But you see, with so much toxicity deluging our bodies today, the physical vehicle is having a tough time keeping up with the environmental assaults.  This alone is prompting us to really do some spring cleaning on any leftover health issues we have so we can buckle down and prepare for the pertinent roles and positions we are playing right now and in this massive up and coming shift.

Jerry YuskoJerry and Alexandra have come to realize that with such chronic dis-ease also comes “stuck” energies in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  These energies of pain, abandonment, abuse, rage, disgust, resentment, depression, sorrow and much more will often manifest through malfunction and anomalies within the physical body.  This is the way the physical body communicates with us!  This is how our bodies let us know that something needs to be addressed.  It is one thing to recognize the physical mutation within our bodily systems, yet it is quite another altogether to accept the true emotional meaning behind these mutations and alerts.  The same thing applies with healing!  It is one thing to receive a healing which begins to cleanse, purify, and change certain dissonant vibrations causing illness and disease.  It is another to get to the root of the problem with emotions, belief systems, and unconscious propensities for failing health due to past life experiences and oaths.  This is where my galactic essences come in.  They will also greatly assist in “opening up allowance to change by the body” as well as holding the changes prompted by the healings.

Breakthechain_zpsa9889784So we are now offering healing packages that provide the best of both worlds, both modalities so to speak, where you will receive a powerful healing from Jerry and a 2-pak of customized essences for the specific issue(s) at hand from Alexandra.  We truly feel this is a Divine Gift for those in need.  We have received great feedback from a multitude of people who experienced this process through the Implant Removal Process so we have begun to “team-up” on the more targeted healings needed as well.  As we say to everyone, healing is a journey (boy does Alexandra know that – if you want to read her story click here), but there is rarely a “red pill” scenario until we are open, accepting, allowing, and releasing old thoughts, programs, opinions, illusions, beliefs, traumas, etc.  True healing is so multi-layered and needs to be addressed on the conscious, subconscious, and the super conscious levels.

So here is how the process works:

fill out formA) Firstly, click here to fill out a brief intake form with all of your details requested.  PLEASE keep any specifics and descriptions to no more than 3 paragraphs.

B) Jerry and Alexandra will review this form and provide you a suggested “protocol” for your future health.  Now this protocol may be one of the following:

  1.   A set of essences from Alexandra first, then a healing from Jerry second.
  2.   A healing from Jerry first, then a set of essences from Alexandra second.
  3.   A set of essences from Alexandra and a healing from Jerry at the same time.
  4.   A set of essences from Alexandra and a healing from Jerry at the same time, with suggestions for multiple sessions/packages.  And yes, we will work on a payment program if needed.
  5. A 30 day session with our new cutting edge consciousness based healing technologies and if needed a DNA scan as well.

The key ingredient here is to scan your body and determine the most effective approach for YOU and YOUR current situation (no cookie cutting here!).  We will provide you a suggestion of the number of sessions and essences needed and the proposed time involved.  This will be greatly influenced by your willingness to release and process the changes once your healing and administration of the essences begins.  A re-examination will occur each time you order a new “package” in order to review your progress as well as resistance.  Healings will be suggested every 1-2 weeks in the beginning and taper off as you reach the desired state we are all targeting.  Some people will take longer than others to process the shifts and changes involved in such deeply galactic and cellular vibrational healing.  We meet you where you are, and will ask you to journal all of your variations, realizations, physical changes, and surfacings for review.

If you have any other questions, drop us an e-mail at