Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation
and it’s platform of volunteers is partnering with James Twyman, the Peace Troubadour, to open and anchor a grid of peace, love and goodwill in the Middle East, specifically Syria and Egypt.

It has been scientifically proven that unified prayer, meditation, visualization, and chanting with intention is effective upon situations or geographical regions where attention is placed.

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Success in Mexico gives us a Powerful Formula ~

This cooperative peace effort has emerged as the next phase in our service to humanity.

We successfully initiated the first step of our world tour and Global Peace Operation in Cuernavaca, Mexico where we gathered for two weeks of conferences to decree for Universal Light to descend upon the Mexico region.

Occurring simultaneously with our conference event were intensifying earth rumblings including a volcanic eruption, rain and thunder and a 6.0 earthquake. The conclusion of our event was followed by flooding occurring in all 4 directions of the country. We felt that all of this amazing synchronicity was indeed profound confirmation to our powerful group work.

We are now going public with our proven formula for opening the multidimensional overlays and energetic feeds of light that support the inflow of benevolent transforming energy.

Assignment in the Middle East ~

Our next  assignment is to support the peace-building efforts in the Middle East, one of the most conflicted areas of the world.

We are taking RESPONSIBILITY to put into action what we have all been trained and prepared to do. Through years together of constant meditative focus, transmission activity along with the gradual building of group coherence, we are now poised to fulfill this global responsibility through our loving and intelligent influence.

It is not necessary for us all to travel to the Middle East. This is the purpose of our Peace Delegates to be there in physical presence and to help anchor our simultaneous transmission. YOUR ASSISTANCE, however, is required to complete this important mission. Please see below the ways in which you can assist our Global Peace Operation for the Middle East.

We have an incredible opportunity to make a measurable impact in these countries. Please join us and help build our forcefield of transforming influence by sharing this with many others.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Children of the Sun Foundation