And suggestions of how to experience it by David Tresemer:


There are ways to meet the opportunities of this event, methods that are valuable all the time, but especially now. I have written about this in my Venus Eclipse of the Sun book <>, but here I give a summary. If this is too brief, go to the book (


1.     All of our pictures of the world are powered by energy. Giordano Bruno termed these “erotic phantasms.” Eros – passion, desire, love/hate, Venus! – motivates and energizes phantasms – pictures of this-is-just-the-way-it-is, dreams, visualizations, ideas, world-view….  Rudolf Steiner described the same dynamic, though with less colourful terms. “Erotic phantasms” are not to be banished – as in “do away with all desire” – but more importantly to be recognized and worked with actively.

2.     Eros/Venus will be stimulated and made turbulent by the eclipse on June 5/6 (the exact time is less important as we are in this rare celestial event – by anticipation – right now, and will be for some months.)That restless eros will seek images to empower.

3.     Marketers, especially of technological gadgets, have used and will use this undirected eros. Going-with-the-flow on your part accepts that the world will be imagined by corporate marketers.

4.     You too can direct that energy of eros – can meet it – by creating pictures of the ideal for yourself and for the world – not vague woo-woo pictures but rather very specific and detailed pictures of anything that arouses your interest.

5.     For example, with the situation at Fukushima still teetering on the edge of its largest explosion, you could imagine that the explosion does not happen, that heroic scientists work out how to remove the fuels to a safe place, and that all species develop a capacity to learn from and transform radioactivity. In terms of the mythic images in the VenusEclipse book <> , this means envisioning the taming of the magical fire-bird to subdue its expressions on the earth. Be as specific as possible.

6.     If you cannot formulate new pictures – if the world as you perceive it holds you in its thrall, then you can focus on the picture of how-things-are-right-now-as-you-perceive-them each night before sleeping. Look closely at the details, best without judgment, and hold the picture in your mind, for just a minute. Spiritual beings will take it up through the night and in the morning (or in a few days) they will bring you an insight about how to penetrate even the most difficult problems.

7.     In any case, take this opportunity to cultivate your relationship to ideals that engage eros behind them. Those imaginations will focus your desire – the restless eros of this time – in ways that will be healthy for you and for everyone else.