well I came across this lovely information from another starseed by the name of Diana Cooper some while ago who is wonderful to have complied this list for us! Its on the meaning of the starting letter of Your name.  I feel its beneficial for us to know and have this information; since our name and its letters holds a vibration. We telepatically communicated our name to our parents when we were born. This name was to later trigger within us an awakening.  -STA

Meaning of Names

Every sound is a vibration that has a meaning and calls in an energy. This is why a baby imparts telepathically to its parents,  the name by which it wishes to be known. The name when spoken calls in the soul’s lessons to the child. Many children use a pet name or an abbreviated one because they are not ready to deal with all their challenges. It is very important to say a name lovingly. It is also helpful to repeat your own name lovingly to help you have an acceptance of your soul’s journey. I have often seen someone’s aura light up and expand when a group lovingly sings their name.

The below, shows the meaning of each sound within the name to help you understand some of the lessons chosen by your Higher Self.

Soul Quality Expressing Soul Lessons Colours
a purity to remain pure Pearlescent White
aye purity of spirit to transmute all lower thoughts and feelings Pearlescent White with soft Violet
ah openheartedness to open your heart to others feelings. Pearlescent White with pale Green
b practicality to be solid and grounded Earthy Brown
c vitality to look after your health Soft Red
d generosity to be giving Magenta
e honesty in relationships to learn through relationships Green/Blue
ee love in relationships to allow relationships to flower Soft Pink
f power with wisdom to use power correctly Deep Gold with Hematite Grey
g support to support self and others, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Moss Green
h nurturing to shelter and nurture self and others Chestnut Brown
i self awareness to understand yourself Blue
iye spirituality to explore the world beyond the physical Lilac into Violet
j rulership to express your majesty Purple
k wise teaching to teach knowledge with wisdom Golden Yellow
l strength of mind to be strong minded Burgundy
m wisdom to see situations from a higher perspective Misty Blue
n centredness to flow with life and stay balanced Blue/Green
o integrity to act with integrity Silver Grey
oh truth to be true to self, in your essence Gemini Blue
oo divine connectedness to stay connected to the divine Violet
p solidity, capability to be capable Dark Green
q openness to be open and honest Silver/Pink
r honest communication to communicate your truth Deep Blue with Silver
s trustworthiness to be trustworthy Blue/Grey
t contentment to be contented Soft Blue
ewe personal integrity to keep your integrity while protecting your heart Deep Turquoise
uh vulnerability to look after your fragile heart Soft Pale Green
v true power to use your strength with care Hematite Grey
w compassion\openheartedness to allow your open heart to shine Deep Pink
x wise teacher to teach sacred knowledge Grey/Blue
y lightness\purity to express angelic qualities Gold and Pearlescent White
z wisdom to maintain your inner knowing Pale Green with Purple
ch protection to protect and honour yourself and others Charcoal Grey
sh inner beauty to express your inner beauty Orange/Pink
th tenacity of purpose to hold onto what is important Dark Green

reposted from ashtarcommandcrew.net