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Oneness 102: 37 – Mission Done, Close the DoorPosted: 18 May 2012 05:32 AM PDT

On May 11, 2012, MariLyn and I completed our weeklong healings session with 15 people at Unity South in Bloomington, MN. Counting another 5 sessions with others before this week and a few days later, we saw and worked with 20 people. Remarkably, every one of these experienced something new, some upliftment and awakening, and some flowering of their I Am Selves. Thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit who worked through us.

In my morning meditation on May 15, 2012, El Morya overshadowed me and clamped his powerful vibration on the right side of my head, jaw and neck. He telepathically conveyed: The Minnesota/North America Mission now is complete. The dome is fully anchored and in place. The tweaking and finetuning to complete the anchoring is now done. You are now released from our direct, daily contact and supervision over the last 17 days. All is well and in good order. Mission accomplished.

Then he placed a shield of light over my right cerebral hemisphere, in and through which my soul or subconscious anchors and functions in the physical body. With this he relayed that he now was closing the door to my soul past, going back to Atlantis and possibly beyond. No longer would the negative karma of the past have power over me, but I now would flower anew. This represented a major turning point or resurrection in my spiritual growth. (This also re-signaled and confirmed the closing of my major spiritual receiving for this mission.)

Then, he expanded on the theme of closing the door, saying that with the dome of light now in place over North America and radiating out to the world, under Lord Michael’s directive, he would lead the charge from the higher planes to begin to close the door between dimensions to a whole new degree. This would block those from the lower astral planes from exerting their negative influence over those on Earth. In time, no one from the lower astral planes would be able to incarnate on Earth.

Each light worker on Earth would sense and would be called upon to work with the closing of the door to their own soul past, and to resurrect anew. Together as one, the 144,000 also would create a global web that would close the door to the lower astral planes all around the planet, in the West and the East.

When I shared this message with Phillel back at I Am Nation headquarters, he emailed and reminded me of past guidance about the closing of the door. Phillel wrote: “Regarding ‘closing the door’ to the lower astral planes, I am reminded too that that ties in with Sananda-Jesus’ 30-year orbit of his ship #10 (to be completed around 2015), wherein he would be weaving an auric envelope around the planet in order to secure the force field for that action. For example, as we published in 1985, in a Hierarchal Board meditation on June 5, 1985, Nada-Yolanda received these additional insights concerning the orbit:

“‘Master ship #10 will be building a new auric envelope around the Earth, which locks out all lower astral forces and allows only celestial and etheric forces to guide those in Earth embodiment. . . . Go slowly and rely on guidance of the Hierarchy as it works more and more securely with the high Selves or the light bodies of many working consciously for the Second Coming.

“‘That means a spiritual renaissance will result, because the thought forms of those remaining on Earth will be raised above the current vibrational level to that of the upper astral and etheric realms. Thus, a transformation or transmutation of ideas, feelings and actions for all man on Earth will bring the Latter Days to an end and will insure the first stages of the Age of Aquarius.'”

Visualization: Wrap yourself in a cocoon of Christ light. Feel whole and complete within your Self. Give thanks unto the Great Spirit, our Father-Mother God, that the dome has been secured fully and completely over North America.

Think about and begin to implement the closing of the door to any remaining negative influence of your soul past. It is as if you previously lived in one house and now are leaving it. The house has been cleaned out. All your belongings have been removed. All the loose ends have been tied up. Now you turn out the lights, walk out the door, and close and lock it behind you. You walk into a dome of Christ light that is your new home.

Focus on beginning anew. Give yourself some time to adjust to this, to prepare for this, to be comfortable with this. Be ready to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with Pentecost, which is celebrated officially this year on May 27.

Flower anew!