Healing Haven of Hilarion

hilarion and wifePosted: 15 Nov 2012 11:03 AM PST

In our ongoing projections to regenerate Africa, this time we begin by linking with Lord Uriel, Lord Maitreya, Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. Think of these 4 as being a quartet who most perfectly portray the 4-step matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. All 4 of them are of the Seventh Ray of peace and love.

Lord Uriel is the archangel of the Seventh Ray. Lord Maitreya is the Christ matrix for the entire solar system and, with Lord Michael, is the co-titular head of the Hierarchal Board. Sananda-Jesus is chohan or director of the Seventh Ray, the Prince of Peace and the spiritual ruler of Earth. Sol-O-Man is his twin soul.

Surround yourself and your 4 lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral and physical) in a Christ cocoon of peace and love. Leave the cocoon open only at the crown chakra and top of your head. From there, a tube ascends to the etheric (Christ) and celestial (angelic) realms, where you unite in consciousness with Uriel, Maitreya, Sananda and Sol-O-Man. If you are not familiar with, or do not feel, their contact and vibration, simply have faith that you are one with them. Be at peace in your heart that this is so. It is!

In regenerated, I Am consciousnes, one with the ascended masters and angelic guardians, picture yourself standing in your light body in the center of Africa, in the region of the Congo RiverAfrica_satellite_orthographicand the surrounding jungle. On the satellite map to the right, this is the dark green area in the central region of the continent. Countries there include the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Congo.

You are in your light body. You now are bilocated from your physical location on Earth to  be also in central Africa. Another way that you might experience this oneness is by sensing and/or seeing that Africa has come to you and is right in front of you. Let Spirit show you the way and the image by which you are one with the continent and its estimated 1 billion people, particularly those of the 144,000 elect who are incarnated there.

Perhaps you see or feel nothing. Rather, you simply feel at one with Africa. Even if you have no definitive sensations of oneness in any overt way, know via faith and love that because you have set your intention to be one with the continent, then it is so. Affirm: I Am one with Africa. Realize that this is indeed true.

Focus on the flowering of peace and love in your heart. Uriel’s, Maitreya’s, Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s love joins with your own indwelling Christ love to regenerate your heart chakra and to lift you into a sublime feeling of peace divine.

Radiate peace and love to Africa. If you have seen and felt yourself to be in Africa, just let the love pour out through your heart in all directions to all parts of the continent. If you have sensed Africa in front of you, cradle it tenderly in your arms like you are its cosmic mother. Perhaps you simply direct your love to Africa and Spirit automatically transfers it there.

Peace, love, cooperation and coordination now imbue and and get incorporated in Africa. So be it.