I attended a call impromptly last Saturday, only able to catch the last part of it, but found it intriguing and thought you all would enjoy reading the notes from the call:

2 Hours – 8 Minutes
This is a wonderful call!  Just imagine, being privileged to be included in a conversation between Zorra from Hollow Earth, Adama,.High Priest of Inner Earth, Sananda (Jesus),  St. Germain, and Hatton from the Galactic Fleets!
I am very grateful to Grace for providing this comprehensive summary of Saturday’s call. When you want to re-listen to a particular part, it helps to locate the time line.
Thank you, Grace!
  • Peter Olsen shares his experiences with sky-watching and activating the Heart-Mind, where we connect with the Heart/Love through the emotional body and integrate the Spiritual; then the Heart-Mind can take over the limited Mind-Ego
  • Larry relates his own encounter with an uncloaked craft (Pleiadian mother-ship) of massive size (about a mile square), which was corroborated by other witnesses; his experience turned his life around
  • Zaraya reveals that Hatonn informed them that the Cabal presence has been removed from the planet; they have been re-located elsewhere to continue their Life experiences; Obama and Michelle are aware of their duty for Disclosure, pre-Ascension events that have been planned are imminent
  • Adama also informed that 28 Beings from Telos will be making contact with representatives globally, these events will be documented, and that he himself will also be appearing in person
  • Sananda gave a short description of the birth of Jesus; more details in the channeling that will be posted on Nancy’s website in a few days
  • How headbands help in raising our consciousness and healing
  • Sananda: Our powers of creation/manifestation will be instant after Ascension; “Keep your thoughts genuine and happy…harmonious”; right now the buffer time between thought and creation is getting shorter and shorter
38-minute mark
  • Zorra: Permission has not been given by JZ for the use of the Raising Vibrations video, meeting with JZ did not materilise because she was too busy
  • “We destroy Mother Nature, we destroy ourselves”
  • Awakening/Ascension symptoms have to do with detoxification of our minds, emotions and bodies; they need to be released with gratitude and blessings
  • Not necessary for messages to be translated because they can be “understood” in the respective native language
  • St Germaine: “Prosperity is in the works!” So are Disclosure, financial reconstruction, assimilation of energies of change within and without, Ascension itself, and all their derivatives, therefore we ourselves must be in the appropriate energy-field/heart-mind to allow them to unfold without further delay
  • Zorra: Manifest what we wish (in regard to being relocated off-planet or to Hollow Earth), stop thinking negatively (because some do not believe this will occur); Elenin (now in front of Helios) is here for this purpose
  • Nancy: Have compassion for our loved ones who are still operating from 3D but continue to live in our Heart-Mind and follow our passion and instinct
  • Zorra: There are no guns (or any need for them) in 5D! “Who are you going to shoot?”
  • Our bodies are beautiful, nothing to be shameful about
  • Earth 2 (on other side of Sun) has its own Moon
  • Mass media will be free to broadcast revelations that are coming out, military now under jurisdiction of Galactic Federation of Planets, plan already in place to transition military to peace-based operations
1:15-hour mark
  • GMO products will be non-issue
  • Implementation of Sharia Laws will not take place, all processes will come from a place of Love and all these will happen very soon, this includes those in jail
  • No such thing as Anti-Christ
  • Obama and loved ones under protection of GF, he will be able to bring forth Disclosure
  • The Natives and Aborigines are fore-runners of Ascension Movement; they are now coming out of seclusion in 5D reality and helping to awaken the people
  • Sasquatch also revealing their true Selves as 5D Beings which is different from what they have portrayed until now
  • Animals and pets also transitioning their physical bodies into 5D
  • We will come to a point where we understand that money is unnecessary in Higher Consciousness
1:32-hour mark
  • ISCE (International Society for a Complete Earth) sojourn into Hollow Earth will be allowed but all participants must be in harmony and have peaceful intentions (no weapons of any sort allowed)
  • Children in foster care and victims of human trafficking will have the same access to Ascension; the decision lies with the Oversoul and is regardless of whether we are in captivity
  • We will be on the ships or Hollow Earth for as long as it takes until New Earth is ready; time is of no consequence at that dimension and there’s much to do. Also we will see that the re-patterning of Mother Earth is not a thing of destruction, but a beautiful creation
  • For those who are talking about 2013 and later, they will be experiencing those timelines on Earth 2.
1:48-hour mark
Healing Pulse delivered by Zorra.