Eric-NeomorHonesty has become an obsolete commodity. How profitable could honesty ever really be now?

Coca Cola’s new honest slogan: “Drink water, it’s often free and it’s better for ya.”

Honesty is a ridiculous and outdated notion in our modern world. We, as a society have become quite accustomed to being misled. The sad part is how readily we accept being lied to now. We understand that profitability relies heavily on publicly avoiding the truth. We no longer give it a second thought. It has become simply “business as usual” in our world view.

McDonald’s new honest slogan: “Our food may taste good, but it’ll make ya fat.”

We can even laugh about dishonesty in our personal interactions:

Blind date honesty: “Well, I’ve been unemployed for four years and I live in my parents’ basement. How bout letting me play with your boobs anyway?”

Lying to get what we want has become an acceptable and common social mechanism.

Isn’t it sad that the truth isn’t “good enough” anymore?

I personally am sad to see honesty continue its fade into obscurity. I believe it’s one of the most important tools in defining a comfortable and pleasant living environment for all human beings to thrive in.

Honesty is touted as a “best practice” in romantic relationships. Yet, I wonder if it’s somewhat rarely ever complete. I suspect that that may also be the case with every other possible type of human relationship on this planet. Don’t get me started on corporate media. 😉

An honest person is not truthful only when it is convenient, or only when it serves them. Or only when it causes them no harm. Being an honest and ethical person, cannot be based simply on a high percentage of truth. It is an absolute. It is an “either/or”. It really takes courage to be honest in some situations. Courage that many people no longer have, nor are expected to have.

Being honest with one’s self, is a fundamental requirement. And possibly one of the more uncomfortable.

“I drive, or want to drive, an expensive car in an effort to diffuse my feelings of inadequacy, through my perception that I am showing strangers that I am “worth” more than they are.”

I consider authenticity of self, to be the ultimate form of honesty. Personal transparency.

As I write this, I am aware that an aspect of my motivation is to appear smart and wise to anyone who may read it. Ironically, I honestly perceive myself as smart and wise. It is the motivation to promote that to others that I must internally scrutinize. I consider that to be part of my “advanced authenticity” pursuit. Recognizing and questioning the various aspects of, primarily one’s own motivations, not simply behaviors or actions. While remaining as emotionally detached in the analysis, as possible.

Even being honest about that motivation, has an element of self-promotion for me. Recognizing and admitting that somewhat publicly, exposes it to the “light of day”. Which makes it that much easier to eventually surrender it completely.

Increasingly, I feel that my many “food for thought” compositions may spark inquisitiveness in someone, that might in some way give them “permission” to ponder the unconventional topics that I concern myself with. That has become a more prominent part of my motivation, than it used to be.

And that’s the truth.

“Honesty is the best policy. The truth will set you free.” is magnificent advice. And the ramifications immense, in its broadest scope.